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Fantasy 5, pick 5 systems?



Anyone knows any efficient Pick 5 system to recommend? I tried some complex but sometimes their hard to understand and the simpler ones don't really help.


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Coin Toss

For Illinois (5/39) it seems to be as simple as Quick Picks.... 

I'm sure that's not the answer you wanted, but look at the results.



Just checked your respond and I will try to follow up with that link. Hopefully.

Thank you very much 

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If there is a good pick 5 system, players would probably use it to play the PB and MM games, especially when its jackpots are over $100M.  Check what the winners of those games are doing.

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In response to marescaping

You could try wheeling and/or using key numbers to play.

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Which is a better bet, buying a 100 tickets on tomorrow's draw or getting 50 tickets in the next two draws?

Whoops. Hiding Behind Computer


how about 25 tickets for the next 4 draws....system 1 up 1 down with hitting pair elimination...hitting back to back elimination oopppssss

to much info




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Depends on the numbers you wheel and how much you can invest.Usually at least 500 dollars are required to make a profit with at least 4 winning numbers right in 16 numbers

In response to Hans

Just use 12 to 14 pick your numbers

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In response to Hans

I like using wheels that uses 10 to 14 numbers and it costs very little. I don't spend anywhere near 500 dollars. Unless of course I am reading your post wrong.

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little cost but little return

more cost,right 5 numbers in 16,then a jackpot is very close.


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Matching 3 numbers pays around $10 in 5/39 games and a 3if3 14 number wheel has 43 combinations. I believe he is saying we can match the win guarantee and still lose money so we would need to spend around $500 to get to the point where the win guarantee shows a profit playing that many numbers.

The intent when playing a 3if3 wheel is really to match 4 or all 5 numbers and the win guarantee is a way to recoup some of the cost.

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I understand now. I still couldn't spend $500 dollars or anything around that amount everytime I wheel. I don't think many players have that amount of income to risk. Especially, if you play 2 or 3 times a week.

ETA: I usually play a 2if2 wheel. I have had some luck in recouping some of my money when I use it. Of course, I have still lost more then I have won.

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We should not forget the fact that unless you win a jackpot,you will never win in lottery.

So either play small with less possibilty to win big or play more with more guarantee.

In my humble opinion,Playing certain amount of numbers,like 16 numbers,and try to win big is the ultimate way to success in this fierce game.


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Pick5 only.Choose total 25 numbers,for 5/30-35 lottery

There is still another way.Option D

Option A
Play 18 numbers+high winning prize wheels
Option B
Play one set of 2 bankers for 1th and 3 rd positions+18 numbers to be
full wheeled to other 3 positions.
Option C
Play 9 sets of 2 bankers for 1th and 3 rd positions+high winning prize
Option D
Play 9 sets of 2 bankers for 1th and 3 rd positions+full wheels

For Option A and C,The surprise would either be the day we predict 5
drawn numbers within 18 numbers,or 9 combos have 2 bankers,and the
wheel may still lose one numbers,and we eventually get a 4#=$50,at
most!So in this case,you can't beat the odds.

So in my opinion,to get a jackpot,we have to play full wheel somewhere.

The conclusion would be option B D,so we can only focus on 2
bankers,then play.

Since we play pick5,we only need to pick up as less numbers for 2,4,5
positios as we could afford.When you are able to pick up 12 numbers for
2,4,5 positions one out of ten times,and pick up 2 bankers right one
out of ten times,you only need to play 10*10=100 times to win a pick 5
jackpot.Everytime it would cost you about 50 tickets fee.So all
investment is 5000 ticket fee.In this case,you may have beated the odds
by 100,000/5000=20 times.

The big issue is noone would play so long time,the slove this issue,we
can work on 2 bankers and 18 numbers for 2,4,5 positions,to save much

When we pick up every 3 numbers for each 1th and 3 rd position,all
combos are 9.
The odds is about 1:3
The chance that our 12 numbers have all 3 numbers for 2,4,5 position is
about 1:3.

So in 9 times,we can get a pick5 jackpot,expectedly.

Everytime the total cost may be:9*18=162 ticket fee.

All cost would be 162*9=1458.In this case,we improve the odds compared
to 1:20.

The best strategy would be the Option D.

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