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gail howard another winner

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If you go to her home page you will see that some one in california just won the fantasy 5 in california in january.they only played 13 tickets .sweet.jeeps1


is that so....i'll have to go and check it out....

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In response to jeeps1

Lotto Cheatah makes a similar claim on its home page too.  Strange, I have yet to read about any LP member who bought either of their software coming close to doing the same thing with any pick5 game.

In response to RJOh

Well, I don't know about Lotto Cheatah, but I have GH's software and I ran the wheel that's mentioned by the latest winner on her site with the numbers he said he used and sure enough, it got all 5 #'s on the second game of the 13 games.  So whether he actually won or not, it is definitely possible -- which I think everyone knows on this forum anyway.  It still comes down to having the winning #'s in your pool of #'s!

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i am glad that you posted this...because i was reading Gail Howards homepage earlier today...and i a  finding out that there are a lot of ....misconceptions going on out there...and when you are limited on do not have money to be thrown away on games....


In response to Feisty1

Actually, he DID win because she requires, for her own integrity and reputation, photocopies of winning tickets as proof of the winner's claim.  All of her nearly 100 jackpot winners are documented in that way, among others.

As I've been saying for years, it's not the software, it's the PLAYER who with the TOOLS the software provides combines an intuitive feel and skill for apprehending discernible or recognizable patterns that yield the winning numbers.

As far as I can see, she is the only writer that describes those patterns, which might explain why her books are advertised on this site.

As I have also said for years here, a wheel is only as good as the numbers put into the wheel.  How do you choose the numbers for your wheel?  Study the patterns and learn what is likely to fall or hit.

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In response to Greg


That was a great way to put it.  I could not agree more.

It is the player, a complete set of information and statistics, and a set of toolsnot a magic set of numbers to play, not a single piece of software, not a perfect wheel, not a single system.

This is the Lottery Post approach: a convergence of those three things.  I would agree that GH has an excellent baseline set of information and strategies for any lottery player, which is why I recommend that every player have at least one of her books.  As Greg mentioned, there are links on the left, and if you click one of the links, Amazon will show other excellent related books that I just don't have room to show here.

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Yes but I also found out that someone listed on her website as a lottery winner who won the lottery was dead 3 years before they won the lottery! I found the obituary same person same survived by. Was dead 3 years prior. Go figure!





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By the Way has anyone ever known of any lottery that ever had the SAME EXACT 6 numbers show that previously showed at any time ever in the history of that same lottery?

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In response to nanolike

It has happened several times in the West Virgina Cash25 game.  The last time was:

 12/28/07   04 10 16 17 21 25
 11/05/07   04 10 16 17 21 25

It happened earlier during the same year:

 02/19/07   02 06 07 08 09 13
 03/28/02   02 06 07 08 09 13

That can be expected to happen a lot in a 6/25 game that has been around that long.

 12/20/05   01 02 12 13 14 24
 06/25/04   01 02 12 13 14 24

 09/29/05   07 08 11 13 21 22
 01/31/00   07 08 11 13 21 22

and etc..............

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In response to nanolike

Ohio Classic Lotto (6/49) has been around just over a year since 01/22/07 and it almost happened twice.

 10/03/07   03 06 12 15 27 46
 07/02/07   03 06 12 27 35 46

 09/17/07   03 04 06 14 28 30
 04/14/07   03 04 14 28 30 32

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RJoh good work but how did you find your doubles so quickly? Are you using a software program?


How or with what did you accomplish your research with? Please tell enquireing minds want to know!



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It's normal for lottery players to maintain data files on the lotteries they play or follow just to check their results and pick numbers to play.  I maintain files on all the Ohio lotteries that I play (Rolling Cash5, Classic Lotto and MegaMillions) and one on West Virgina Cash25 for fun.  I have some software that I wrote myself using GWBasic that I prefer to use but most any commercial lottery software will do the same thing. 

I once had an updated copy of Lotto Pro and it did the same thing with every lottery in the U.S. and its data files could be updated any time from its website.  I however had to update my files myself daily.

If you are interested in such data, I suggest you invest in some lottery software that comes with and analyze data files and you'll have access to all kinds of information.   I think the same information can also be gotten from the data files at LP by Premium members.

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yes, the premium membership makes a big difference in the info you can get.

In response to Greg

I'm not sure if you misunderstood my post, it wasn't doubting whether the man actually won or not, but in response to the earlier post comparing GH's site to that of Lotto Cheetah.  And I didn't think it necessary to go into all the details of the player, tools etc.  It was a matter of using her wheel with the #'s provided without any "extras" (meaning no manipulation on my part, just the raw #'s in sequential order) to see where the winner fell.

I know first hand from winning, and many years of game play in NY Take 5 and NJ Cash 5, that it takes much more than good software and even having all the #'s in the pool wheeled ... to get all 5.  Study the game long enough and you could 3's and 4's on a regular basis freehand.

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