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New: subscribe to blog comments

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Have you ever posted a blog comment and wished there was some way to be notified of when someone responds?

There is now a mechanism in place to get that notification.

RSS feeds are now available for every blog entry, so you can receive updates when comments are posted to any blog entry.  You don't need to post a comment in order to get the updates.

To subscribe to a blog entry, go to the same page where you would enter a comment, and click the familiar RSS link with the RSS symbol:

Clicking that link shows you the RSS feed, and then you use your browser's built-in link to subscribe to the feed.

For example, in IE7 there will be a link near the top of the feed for "Subscribe to this feed".

If you are not familiar with RSS I'd recommend you become familiar with it.  RSS is a fantastic method of keeping track of changes to content all over the internet. 

Lottery Post has many RSS-enabled pages.  To learn more, look in the left navigation area of any page, and near the bottom you will see a yellow section titled, "RSS 2.0 Feeds".  Click on the RSS Info, More Feeds link for a decription.

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Thanks Todd.

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In response to Tenaj

y/w.  I have had the feeling for a while (not just related to this post) that there are relatively few people who take advantage of RSS feeds.  I would bet that the vast majority of IE7 users have never even touched it.  That's too bad!

RSS is a fantastic and easy technology that lets you keep tabs on your favorite web sites without having to go there to see if something new has been posted.  You can set up a subscription to an RSS feed as easily as you set a bookmark, and then from that point on your computer will automatically check that page every so often to see if anything new has been posted.

When you open your browser, you just look at the list of subscriptions, and anything listed in bold text has new content.  One click and your viewing it.

IE7 users: You know that star icon in the upper-left part of the browser that you click to view your favorites?  Next time you click it, look at the top line of the popup menu and see an item called "feeds".  Click it, and you'll see where all the new content will be listed.


Is that like a new feature you added here to the LP recently where a window pops up when someone has just replied to a thread that you're currently reading? I like that feature.

I would be on a thread, and out of the blue a little window pops up at the right bottom corner advising me that a new reply has been posted.

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