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Money can't buy you happines

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Sorry folks I couldn't resist.  This morning I again heard the cliche'  "money can't buy you  happiness".  My first response was...



Please send me your favorites.  I need to keep my spirits up.



Of course I wouldn't be happy with lots of money.

I enjoying working like a dog to make someone else rich.

I enjoy worrying about paying bills all the time.

I enjoy not having a nice home in Malibu beach.

I'm happy driving a Yugo.

Money? Who needs money?

Everytime I hear that cliche, I want to either throw up,Pukeor slap the person silly. One of these days I'm going to tell them to empty their fat bank accounts and give it to me if they feel sad about having it in their

My stance is, and always will be..."If I'm going to be miserable anyway, I'd rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable".

Atleast I can afford expensive

The bottom line is that I live in a material world, and it takes material currency to run it correctly. Once I have that, then I can worry about all the other corny crap like saving the whales and the such.

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Money can't buy you happiness---

But it sure can buy a lot of good times.

Personally I'd be plenty happy with more money than i knew what to do with. I'd find all kinds of things to do i only dreamed of doing.

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Money won't buy you happiness or a winning lottery system, but that don't stop people from trying to buy them.


Whoever said money will not buy you happiness never had any nor has hopes of attaining it.

Those of us who are rich know better.

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If you are too busy working for a living and paying bills you do not have the time or that extra cash to figure out how to make real money.

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Money Can't buy you Happiness.......Green laugh


Depends on what makes you happy.

Warm Oatmeal Raisin cookies make me happy.

Seasoned Meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes and seasoned green beans make me happy.

Not having any bills to pay and not having to rush out of the house everyday of the week to engage in solving other peoples problems would make me happy. (ok, my work is my choice)
But money is incorporated in all of these things. They  may not need  large sums of money but I can name some big items that would make me happy.
Heck. just giving out a few bucks (to family) makes me happy. ( that's, when I have it)
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I know people with money who are miserable.  They are afraid they'll run out so they never spend it.  I guess that's because there is a difference between being filthy rich and being moderately rich, especially in this economy.  There are plenty of people who were comfortable with nice homes and money in the bank (or investments) and their taxes went up, their home insurance skyrocketed and then they lost their jobs.  Maybe that's a subject for another thread.  I mean, when do you know you are "set for life?"  So my favorite quote pick today will be

Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America.   If I'm not there, I go to work. - Robert Orben

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In response to Litebets27

I agree. I think money can buy you happiness. It can help get rid of debt. It can help you go see loved ones who live all over the world that you never get to see. It can help buy you clothes, food and other necessities, it can buy you fun things like a car, ipod, etc. It can help pay your bills. Being able to get or do all those things would make me happy and you need money to do it. Money can make people happy.

In response to justxploring

I know people with money who are miserable.

I forgot all about that one too. That actually makes my blood boil even more than the others.

I know plenty of people who are rich and very very happy. So what?

If people are going to miserable, they'll be miserable whether they're rich or poor. I can't stand when some people (not you justx, but in general), throw everyone in one pot, and think they know how other people will react or know what's best for them.

Some people prefer coffee over tea. Some like seafood, some don't. It boggles my mind sometimes.

If living in Malibu beach in a 5 million dollar house makes people miserable, then I'd like to have that

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In the past 2 years I've seen many sad posts when people have lost loved ones or gone through a bad divorce, etc.   I doubt if money would comfort those people.  Read the news article about the man who has a fatal heart disease. Sure, the money can give him some creature comforts and provide for his wife if he dies, but when you are fighting for your life, wouldn't you give up everything just to have another year with your children or loved ones?

Yes, money is very important and always has been.  I would never say it isn't. Otherwise I would be pulling my hair out at night because of all the foolish mistakes I've made in life which cost me a small fortune! With money you can get the best medical care, the best dentist, hire someone to clean your home if you don't feel like it, even cook you dinner if you're tired.  If you don't like the weather, you can hop on a jet and go somewhere else.  In bad times like this, you would never have to worry about getting a job or losing your home and you could help others in trouble.

What I just wrote reminded me of something. Once I went to Sunday brunch at a restaurant in a hotel with the owner.  It was about 11:00 and I guess everyone had just gotten out of church and there was a line of folks waiting to be seated.  When the hostess saw us walk in, she said "we'll clear a table and seat you in a few minutes Mr. XXXX."  He said he'd wait for the people ahead of us to be seated first.  Of course that's good business sense, but it's also the way everyone should act, whether or not we have money. 


When the hostess saw us walk in, she said "we'll clear a table and seat you in a few minutes Mr. XXXX." 

Are you dating porn stars now? How long was it, that you had to wait?

ROFL  Big Grin  Yawn  ROFL  Green laugh  No No  Cheers  LOL  Big Grin Angel 

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Pac, I don't date anyone.  Don't you know I spend all my time trying to break the code so I can win the lottery?

In response to justxploring

Try to find a sugar daddy. Much easier....

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In response to lottocalgal

I know having that kind of money can make your life materially better, but what about your real friends, family and the like.... I think people are saying with this statement, you cant buy real friends or true family. My family are like vultures when it comes to money. I have had money and lost most of it in the divorce but I was happy materialistically, but emotionally....NO. The situation changed and a few years went buy to where I am now in life, and I am more happy now than then, but the money not is quite like it was and that is another thread!!

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