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My numbers of the day

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       I continue to see 7788 strongly, like the 118 the other day. Today, 131 in various forms was prevalent.

      I know these are recent hitters, but no matter, the will continue to shine for us.

     Oh gosh, this triple mess.  In about 24-26 hours, we begin the Pisces Moon --  here fishy fishy fishy...

     Bring us those long, long awaited triples.   (Pure numbers 3 and 7 for Pisces).

     And what shall we play?   --  oh I think they are all tantalizing - we have strong Mars energy for the 9's and 1's - strong Aquarian Air energy for 6's, 7's, (pure numbers are 4 and 8) but then Capricorn still prevails slapping around the 8's.  Then the 3's and 2's are driving me slightly crazy everywhere I see.

    What have I forgotton?  Don't get me started on the 4's.   A fellow got my ear at a counter yesterday and said, "Just look at all those zeros."   

     And yes, those triples in the 4-digit.   What a tease!

    Reminds me of 'water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink....'     

     May you play well and win TODAY!     Sun Smiley

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I see 444 in NY Jake, Thanks

I will hold onto it for as long as I can

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