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Does anyone have any spreadsheets for tracking and watching lotto-5 ?? My state is Tn. 5/39 just wondering. I would like to track it and see what it does but Im not big on excel just wondered if anyone might have any, or any code for visual basic to run a program to do it ?

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How far away from Nashville are you?

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(------------------) bout that far lol.....nah I'm about 200 miles the other direction.

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Depends on what you want to do with the data once you've collected it. If it's just for viewing, a simple text file takes up a lot less space on disk and is easier and faster to read. Excel, IMHO, is a bloated and space-hogging program - and I've been using spreadsheets for 30 years. However, if you're reasonably knowledgeable in its use and intend to do analysis, go for it.

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