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How do you tell which system are profitable


There is a lottery system challenge that has been directed towards all sites selling lottery systems.  Im watching to see the out come of the challenge.  This duel might prove to be worthy in aiding prospective buyers in purchasing reliable products from some of the ripe off artist on the internet.  Sorry, but not allow to give the address of the site.  But, it should be something to watch if you are in the market or the industry. 

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I haven't heard about any challenges, but then again I don't don't use systems from people who sell them.

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In response to stelesba

As this is your first post, why did you pick a subject you can't talk about?  The facts are there aren't any profitable lottery systems because they would eliminate lotteries.   I doubt if any such challenge exists because the winner would be the one that lost the least.  Vendors of lottery software know the more software they sell the more likely someone using that software will get lucky and win a large prize.

Lotteries are designed to keep 50% of their sales as profit in spite of paying out a large jackpot and 2nd tier prizes.  They can do this because 98% of the possible combinations are losers that pay nothing and to pick one of the remaining 2% combinations that mostly pay back the price of the tickets, a player has to be lucky.

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My gut says this person is owner of the scam lottery site they tried to post the link to.

There is no big face-off — it is a single scam "lottery system" site putting out a "challenge" to other systems.  In the area that shows what "systems" it is being compared to, there are no other systems listed!

Just a new BS angle on the same old scam.

Just so everyone knows the type of site I'm talking about, it's one of those sites with some cartoon-ish character at the top, plain but bright colored background and left navigation area, and has a really long text section that explains how great and unbeatable their "lottery system" is.  The same kind of hyperbole-ridden advertising that is used to sell Ginsu knives.

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Thanks for the warning Todd. Even though I don't buy lottery systems, I'm sure it may help others who do avoid a site like that.

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In response to Todd

Thanks for looking out for us Todd.



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Each of two persons claims to have the best Pick-3 lottery system. They hold a contest to help determing which is best. Each knows their system is worthless.  Each reasons as follows: "I know what my system is worth and I may lose, but I may also learn a better system, so the contest is to my advantage."


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