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Interesting Dream ... induced by my subconscious perhaps??

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Hi all...

  Before I went to sleep last night, Lying in my bed , I kept asking myself to give me the winning numbers over and over... I stated to my subconscious (as if it was paying attention! lol ).. to let me know what the daily pick 3 for tommorow would be. Well.. right before my alarm clock went off, I had a short dream, seemed like 3 or 4 seconds, where this girl with short black/brown hair turns around and looks at me and says.. There! and stuck out her toungue at me and then I saw to the left of her a triangle split 3 ways ... the top part had a 6 and the bottom 2 parts were 3 and 2 ..and I saw it very clearly...then my alarm clock woke me up. Could it be my dream gave me accurate numbers? Was such a bizzare dream I have to admit. I am going to play 632 Straight and boxed tonight(2/6/08 - Wednesday-FL). If I win, my jaw will drop to the floor!

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Hope that 632 falls str8 for you

girl  820

good luck!

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In response to AGF310

Thanks .. me too !

Somehow..I feel VERY confident in these numbers.. I should play 5 of them Straight..make $2500 on it! Wouldn't that be nice!

Here's my interpitation of my dream.. I'm thinking I'm asking myself what the numbers will be...'this isn't gonna work. Theres no way my subconscous can predict a winning number.. no way!'... in a funny disbelieving way. In the dream, when that girl, she seemed to be around 8-13 I think, said 'There!' ... it was like my subconscious was telling me.. 'Hey.. dont mess with me! I'm more powerful than you realize' and then GAVE me those numbers. I dont know the significance of the triangle, but I do know that the 6,3 and 2 were in it. Very odd/interesting dream. I'm still thinking about it right now.


Hi there Omniscient, don't be surprised WHEN you see your #'s come up ... and I would give it a couple of draws too!  I've done the same thing only with P6/P5; asking my subconscious to give me the winning #'s for the next draw.  Well, I'll try to be brief here, but just upon waking (didn't feel like a dream) the #'s 29 & 32 came to mind.  I was like, what can I do with just those two #'s; then the idea came to me to see what other #'s usually play along with 29 & 32 (I have Gail Howard's program on my computer).  Well I made a wheel with 18 #'s that gave 42 games and after about 2 draws I dropped them because nothing came of it.  Well, you can guess what happened next ... about a month later ALL SIX numbers on one of the games CAME OUT!!!  That was about two years ago and I still haven't gotten over it.  I've had a few 4 out of 6's (P6) and 4 out of 5 (P5) but nothing like that again!  You just gotta believe!!!

Good luck to you today!

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