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give me some suggest for foreign lottery ticket


I'm a  chinese people,I want to sell our national lottery ticket to the region that permits to sell it (I don't know whether include the U.S.).

First, I plan to find the partner,who should live in local and takes charge local market about selling it.

The second,about the profit.The selling price of the lottery ticket is less than 1$ per ticket.I should share the half of the huge profit with my partner.

If you buy the ticket through our deputy,you should have the receipt that likes ID card,to identify whether who is the winner of lottery ticket.

The third,about win a prize in a lottery.If you are winner of lottery,you should contact our deputy in local.We shall send the prize to your account from our deputy.

Foregoing content is just my tentative plan,I wish the expert to give me some advice about feasibility.

in any case,thanks very much!Party

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Jack Pot
In response to chinalottery

I hope you stop doing this, chinalottery. What you are trying to do is illegal.No NoThumbs Down

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In response to Jack Pot

Stop it! I live in China too but everyone knows what you want to do is ILLEGAL!!! I'm an American study here in China I suggest you drop your idea. Just play for yourself and enjoy winning or losing. If you don't you might find yourself in a nice prison cell.


thanks!what you said is very important.

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