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The Year of the Rat

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    02/05/24-01/23/25  01/24/36-02/10/37  02/10/48 - 01/28/49  01/28/60-02/14/61  02/15/72-02/02/73

  02/02/84-02/19/85  02/19/96-02/06/97   02/07/08-01/25/09

    The above birth dates indicate those of us who fall under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rat, which begins February 7, 2008 to January 25, 2009.

     There are wood rats, metal rats, etc., for those of you who delve deeper.  The Rat's best friends ar the Dragon and Monkey.  The Ox, Tiger and Dog are also friends to the Rat.   Best to stay clear of the Horse.

     Let's see.... The Rat can go anywhere and be intrusive or not...  very social, very family oriented (baby boom)... very determined and, yes, very smart.   If this form of zodiac is truly new to you, getting used to the thought of the Rat may be a little odd at first.    Money flows very fast in Rat years.   Politicians move fast in Rat years too.... big, different ideas, radical changes, but need to keep an eye on the shift characters.  No big surprise there.   I personally don't know if any of the current candidates are Rats.  It crosses my mind that Donald Trump is a Gemini, but I don't know if he's a Rat.  Hmmmm.

     I like the difference in perspective I find in the Chinese zodiac although many similarities merge with our "traditional" zodiac.    So what does all this mean for the lottery player and our desire to find luck and win (only for those who believe luck has a role in winning, of course).   There is not enough space here to look at every sign.  I'm always an advocate for more knowledge.  Maybe a search engine will help. 

      One last thought -  Mars is doing it's thing this week (direct) --- Associated with Saturn/Capricorn/8 and as War God 9's  (I wonder if my encounter with 9999 a couple weeks ago has anything to do with this time).  We shall see.  I like the triples in this realm - 111 is bothering me from Bird on a Wire. 


Thanks for your insight Jake.. I am a gemini and a rat!  161 Ga evening...


The Rat in the Year of the Rat:

2008 will be a busy year and you can look forward to getting ahead. A new job or promotion may be in the works. But there will also be opportunities to expand your financial prospects and your social networks. Don't forget to get out and have some fun. A new friendship could blossom into something long-term

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