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Tracking the Ga Midday Anything?

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Thanks....  sometimes I feel like the answer is right in front of me and I just can't see it.

 Ga midday today is like that.

 OK.... I see we need a trip as per normal ...LOL

 I also see we just finished haveing our 4th. digit 6 in a row.....and we have had either a digit 6 or 8 for the 8th draw in a row. To me that means drop the 6 and 8 digits today.

 We need either an all odd/even/consecutive... all out 13,,24,,,and 11 skips. ONe is close by.

  Sooo many high digits in    first position... needs a digit 1,,2,,3,,4,,or 5 


    So.... Anyone see anything else??

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An all low?  Last one was 213 on the 14th.

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GeorgiaMidday 3Wed, Jan 30, 20085-3-2

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