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Interesting TALL stacks in the USA *

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      Let's just take the group known as"Consecutive Straights" ..... 123 234 345 etc.

         There are 10 box numbers or 60 straight combo's there which should average a hit about every 2 weeks or around .... every 16 draws or so .

        Three States right now have really TALL stacks .......and even if you don't play them they may be interesting to study.

                           AZ eve ....     no consecutive in ..... 81 Draws !

                      TX  Midday                            ....   63 Draws 

                       Tri state Midday                    .....  47 Draws   


   Pretend we are rich and powerful.... 

        Let's bet 180 Straights that these 30 Box numbers represent and play all of them in all 3 States. 

                  $180.00 bet per day....   Win $900.00   Naughty 



        Thats 30 Single Number Boxes ..... all missing for 47 draws.

Pretty tall stack for something that should be averaging around every5 or 6 draws. 


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                  We have 5 days to play ..... and win or break even !  


      We could win $$ 2,700.00 on the first day ! 

       or.... we could win 1800.00 the first day

       .....or 900.00 

       We might have to wait until the 2nd day to win our 2,700.00 .... etc


     We could just play some quarters here and there ......and gamble on the rest.  

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                                     Here's another "Stack" of numbers in 3 more States.

  These are 3 ...Short Sums that are missing at the same time....


     LDR(short sum) ..... 3  which should actually hit about 10% of the time is missing

         Tri -state....... short sum3 missing ... 67 draws

          MD...............................  3 missing ..... 46 draws

          LA ............................... missing ......50 draws


  short sum 3 .....22 boxes or 100 straights.

   012, 049, 058, 067, 139, 148, 157, 238, 247, 256, 346, 689

   003, 229, 337, 445, 355, 166, 779, 788, 599



 Short sum 2 ........  22 boxes  or 100 straights


039, 048, 057, 129, 138, 147, 156, 237, 246, 345, 589, 679

002, 011, 228, 336, 255, 066, 778, 688, 499



               So...... we have 66 boxes missing for 46 draws ! Thats 300 straights that should average a hit every 3 or 4 draws.


      This one would cost more to play ..... but still of interest to us because we are still rich and powerful right? Right...  

     Perhaps we will throw a few quarters at it to amuse ourselves. LOL

                   This one won't take very long at all brother !

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Thanks WIN D.....great data!!!!

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In response to WIN D

Thanks Win D ! This is great stuff.....One check though... I've got MD and PA at 52 draws each on short sum three....Is my data incorrect ?



1/21 midday


-Thanks again for the info....



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 Hello chaser.... 

    They are for eve draws only.... and Pa. isn't included ..... its for LA eve.

     This will be fun to see how long we have to wait. I feel lucky.

  I know that it's not fair that I'm good looking and lucky too..... but there it is. LOL   

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In response to WIN D

TX 789  What a great CALL ! Thanks for the heads up WIN D ! Now if the others would follow suit as well.

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   Thanks chaser.......  Party  $  900.00 so far 

  .......and we still have AZ eve game to go.....maybe another 900.00 big ones.  I knew this would be fun.    

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You can be sure it won't take 63 draws to see another consecutive, in fact look for another to fall again soon.  Same goes for the other states, once that elusive consecutive hits another one might be hot on it's trail. Consecutives are my favorite number set to play, I've won more playing them then any other group. They seem to be either feast or famine, hitting in spurts or not hitting at all.

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In response to WIN D


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Win D!!!

Here is one for you...

Western Canada --- Consecutive Digits....

Called  65 times since they started

Hit Average 85.4 draws

Hit Med'n 12

Avg. skip b/w Hits 15.9

Most out 113


We just had 687 the other night, but this all consecutive is DUE!!

Only 10 possible ways to hit...

012 123 234 345 456

567 678 789 890 901

She is ripe for the picking!

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In response to Jennilynn418

012 Texas MidDay, it took only two days to see another consecutive. Hope ya all nailed this one.

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Thanks for the info .....and follow up too folks. I really like to hear the other shoe drop on these deals.  Interesting and makes it more fun too.

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In response to WIN D

Chaz, I know you took the wife to Red Lobster for dinner!!!!!

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that AZ looks interesting to me ...consecutives have a 10/100 chance of falling or 1/10 ( i consider 890 and 901 consecutives)...the count at 83 today...i dont think it will go 100..

What i want to point out though i have seen several teasers along the way ln AZ

more recently like 056, 893, might pay to box two consecutive numbers with another one...just a thought

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