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The POETASTER PLUS Daily Word 1-29-08

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last chance

The Word = SEEDS.     Johnny Apple is well known for his planting ability. He shined when it comes to utility.  Most of us, again pays this word no mind. SEEDS is a unique word, and it's use comes in all kind.  Are you a SEED?  In some respect; You grew, are do you show neglect ?  SEEDS may come in the form of messages some tends to display. Listen to the wise ones.  Hear what they have to say.  Be careful where you plant your SEEDS. You may do more harm than good.  "Tomorrow" I viewed a field of SEEDS. I felt pitty from where I stood.  Jesus spoke of SEEDS  in a form to make you use your brain.  Are these writings SEEDS?  Will this make you remember my name? 


865  - 358 - 683 - 742 - 172 - 777 - 444 - 997 - 505

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Rubi 311

Thanks Last Chance!  Thumbs Up

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