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Dream num plz!!

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Dreamt my boyfriend and i was going to take his friend home it was a long drive, his friend was trying to put his baby to sleep the friend and i was sitting in the back seat, he gave me the baby and i put the baby to sleep; he stept over and went in the front seat. he said he was not going home until he got some pills from the pharmacy for his father so we turned around and went to the pharmacy i remember seeing the pills in my hand bag.

I'm 42

My friend 33

don't know his friend age yet!!

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fell in the past:

drive 630 425 697 (Tn 349)

friend (Ny 1834) (ILL 166)

baby 122 112 (De 960) (Tn 121 8283) (NY 586 823 5658) (TSt & Mi 201) (ILL 313 270) (Ks Ne 654)(Fla 283)

KCK book

pills 148 801

Pharmacy  377 439

Red Devil

pill 671 394 7029

Lucky 13 book 

pills 913

pharmacy 913 (same # as pills)

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NY 207 snake

Mo 394 pharmacy

Tn 546 snake

Ga 865 snake

Multi St 586 Straight snake

good dream today.. tomorrow too, I bet Wink

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In response to spookysoozy


all those "snake" numbers were for


I am officially senile like the  kids keep telling me

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773 in ENY 5/2/08

377 for pharmacy

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