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Invisible dashboard

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I dreamed my daughter bought a car that had an invisible dashboard.  The floorboard was invisible too.   I had to feel around to find where the key went.  I stuck the key in the cigarette lighter several times producing sparks.   I drove this car for my daughter.  It was running really rough and the brakes were going out.  My grandson, Lane, was in the car with us. We had no seat belts.   I was afraid we were going to be pulled over by the police because I had to run two red lights since the brakes when out.   I finally got it to stop at a paper mill.  There a man who was cruel to my daughter came out to the car.  I was trying to get the car started.  He offered to help as soon as he clocked out.   I finally got it running and got out of the parking lot.

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dashboard   614   141   5065

car   414   524   988   5080

grandchild   107   519   850   6874

key   418   516   377   8009

mill   429   630   5178

brakes   069   721   4462

good luck!

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425 TN st  for CAR

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