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what countries or cultures would you like to explore after jackpot win


what countries or cultures would you like to explore after jackpot win?

i've always wanted to visit austrailia or maybe sweden....


this man took part in a carnival celebration in haiti!

 sure looks like fun......



i would also like to visit norway.i think its one of the most beautiful countries on earth.....


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Jack Pot
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Some of the "_stan" republics (Uzbekistan, Kazahkstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan).

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I'd probably take my mom to Scotland and Ireland as she has always wanted to go. I don't have a specific place I want to go. I just want to travel all over the world and experience all the different cultures.

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I want to go everywhere sooner or later, but this would be my first trip.


My ultimate dream vacation is to go to the UK and Ireland for 6 - 7 weeks with a good friend.  If you're gonna fly all that way, you might as well stay long enough to make it worth it, right? Wink

uk ireland map

We'd fly into London and rent a car then spend a few days in Wales seeing all the sites relating to King Arthur and Merlin.

Then we'd give up the car and take a ferry to Dublin, Ireland and meet up with a two week Rick Steves tour.

rick steves tour map


After that we'd take another ferry to Scotland where we'd do a 7-day walking tour from Ft. William to Inverness which takes you past Loch Ness.  Of course I'd score a photo of the elusive Nessie.   :)   Can you tell I'm into mystical legend type stuff?

loch ness map

Then we'd rent another car and spend 2 - 3 weeks seeing the rest of Scotland and England including Stonehenge, Cambridge, and Land's End where Craig Ferguson claims they still talk like pirates.

The last few days would be spent in London seeing all the tourist sites including Big Ben, Tower of London, changing of the guard, do a night cruise on the Thames, etc. and maybe hit a couple of their famous flea markets as well as catch a play.

Then we'd catch a plane and pass out from exhaustion the entire flight home.


i'd love to see stonehenge......


I'd love to go down to the bottom of the Marianas trench. 6.8 miles deep. the deepest oceanic trench. When I reach the bottom, I want to have a bagel with cream cheese. (Toasted of course).



I would like to have a couple of mexican cuties( not the drinks)..    Naughty


fries included....

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For me, since my wife is from the Philippines, I would like to go back there to visit family.  It has been 7 years since I was last there.  After that, I would like to return to Japan (was stationed there in the late 80s)

 After that, I would like to travel to Austrailia and the rest of the Far East.

The wife on the other hand wants to see England and for some strange reason France.  After about 6+ months of world travel, I want to have a summer home somewhere in the US and have a winter home in the Philippines.

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Australia, Europe, go on an African Safari, a Mediterranean crusie, Alaska, and then unwind on some polynesian island(s) for a few weeks to rest up before returning to the U.S. This would be like a 3 month hiatus with close friends and family if they were up to such a long get-away... a trip of a lifetime you could say. Best of the best dining and hotels wherever/whenever possible. In Africa, I would want to be in a tent and look out at the stars at night. I'd like to go on a hot air ballon ride sometime on my travels too, that would be cool. Oh ..and I almost forgot.. a toasted bagel too ! Wink

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BRAZIL, HAWAII, GREECE and MEXICO...I like warm weather countries...Relaxing on the beach

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My hubby wants to go to Alaska for a hunting extravaganza.  (Not me, but I would just to make him happy.)  But I want to do the island hop at Hawaii.  And although I have already been to Italy, France and Germany, I would like to go again with my family so they can see how different things are there from here.  Plus, I was working when I went there before.  It's different if you're on vacation.  I've been other places, but didn't care for them much.  St. Croix or St. Thomas are definitely calling my name.  I think I would like Mexico, too., but only briefly.  Recently, Rick G. turned me onto Barbados. 

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