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Pick3 Positional System


I believe BobP had a thread that went into this type of system, however, it's closed and I can't post into it so I thought I'd start a new one.  His thoughts on this type of strategy are very sound and from the initial tests that I've done seem very promising.  Especially if you can get 900:1 oddds by playing online instead of 500:1 in the store.  Anyway, here's my strategy based upon what I believe is the optimum number of draws to analyze.  


1.  Count the hits in the past 20 draws for each number in each position and record.


2.  Take each number that has hit more than 2 times and write out in a matrix to view.


    Pos1    Pos2    Pos3 


    4            0            3 


    5            1            4     


    6            3            6


    8            4            7 






3.  Multiply the matrix to determine the number of combinations you need to play.


4 X 4 X 6 = 96 combinations 


4.  Create your combinations using the software of your choice.


5.  Play the combinations for the next 10 draws.  Alternately, play until a win.   

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The theory sounds good: Do you have any real-life examples?

PS: Do you have a link to BobP's thread?


I believe this is the thread. 

I'll post an example later today when I have a few minutes.

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In response to xavier102772

Thank You, I look forward to seeing the example.

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