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What is the one up/one down method


I was reading one of the forums that talked about when doubles come using the one up/one down method.  This method is also talked about in other topics.  What is the one up/ one down method?

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sbush, first welcome to Lottery Post!

The one up/one down method I use for doubles is when a double comes out like the 778 in IL tonight, I take the double number 7 and go up one 878 and down one 678. 

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Look in Lucky's blog -

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You'll find an automated version of Lucky's One Up One Down system here with a collection of other simple systems like it restored from Elad's former lottery site.  If you have a draw history you can determine pretty quick how well the method works. Sometimes the new Internet Exporer popup blocker comes on when you click on these systems, just turn it off or tell it to allow a pop for this visit then try the link again.



Thanks you all for your help.



Just out of curiousity, is Lucky's One-digit-up... system the same as Dan Hudson's One-digit-up... system ???

Cause I'm confused What?Crazy

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No, Dan's sytem is much more complex and in my opinion too much effort for a measley return. Atleast he honored his refund policy.

I tried to understand his numerous ways of tracking and I was totally confused. Not to mention I got a headache trying. But that's just me. Others could find it more useful. Bang Head

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