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distiquishing the red from the white

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 I have played many different lotteries over the years, as I suspect most of you all have as well. I have notice that whenever I play a game with a bonus ball such as the Powerball, MegaMillions, Florida Mega Money etc..; I will have the numbers correct, but will usually have one or even two of the numbers in the wrong order. this doesn't pay for ****!


This has been a long term problem, that I have regretfully been unable to correct.

anyone have any advice on how this problem can be corrected, and I am all years.


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You could use a Pick 6 abbreviated wheel for the 5+1 games

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In response to sfilippo


I never thought about that. maybe that will get me payed on the tickets.

thanks Steve.

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I concentrate on the bonus ball since it independent of the 1-55, I then wheel an abbreviated pick 5 wheel.

I stick with a bonus ball until it drops, I will play the same power/mega number on every ticket. 5/55 and 5/56 alone is a feat, but I know that if my wheel is good, great, but the P/M number must be the same on the entire wheel (every ticket) or it becomes a real crap shoot.  Now if my power/mega number hits every ticket is a winner anything additional from the wheel is the bonus. Justa my twisted logic. I can't see playing 46 different power/mega balls or any differing number, without very deep pockets, for $12 or $15 if my P/M ball is right and I am close on the wheel it could be a good hit.

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In response to jarasan

some very good points Jarason, thanks. we usually run 4 different PB#'s that way we have a better chance to hit, but it still doesn't ruin the solidness of the hit.  I don't think your logic is twisted at all. (well, no more than the rest of We have a guy on our pool that believes that the Powerball starts with the Redball, everything else follows behind it.

maybe, I need to just focus soley on the redball before picking my other numbers?

I like to think that I am a decent player. (although I have been in a slump lately) Like I said before. this weakness in my game has cost me alot of kitty cash over the years. I need to be able to better predict where the numbers are going to fall.

Thanks again for the help man.


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I am in a bit of a slump also, so I am going to stick to a wheel I did 3 draws ago that hasn't paid a dime or hit a number.  On the lesser 5/39, 6/39, 6/49 games I have found, when a wheel misses completely, roll it again, it typically hits on the next, of course the odds are less but ????? Well this PBAll one I have has managed to miss entirely 3X, so it will be rolled again Wed..

Good Luck!

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