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Im looking for a winning system

robin hood

Im very new to the numbers game,Im interested in the 4 ball.

If theres anyone out there who understands how to play please help me ...

and when I win I will help you ......

robin hood

ok ay someone give me a hint at what ,how and when to play ...please

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In response to robin hood

may be you should check out the pick 3 and pick 4 forum.  There are lots of suggestions, some are by state.  What state do you play?

robin hood


robin hood

I want to organize a pool

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Easy, buy one ticket of your 4 favorite numbers on a whim. Netted me $3,000 last year.

robin hood

there must be a scientific system out there  if anyone knows of any please let me know

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Welcome robin hood.  How old are you ?

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In response to robin hood

To have a winning system is based on your ability to choose correctly.

Check out jap69s blog. "I" understands there is a lot of stuff in it. Is it any good? "I" doesn't know.


"I" used the companion trio system to get this one.

Member Predictions - JAP69

All South Carolina PredictionsTop of pageSouth Carolina

Draw Date
Pick 3
Sun, Jan 13, 2008
942, 742, 952, 972, 500, 522, 544, 552, 772, 992
Pick 4
Sun, Jan 13, 2008
1452, 1472, 1492, 0352, 0372, 0392

Midday 4 0-3-7-2 Tue, Jan 15, 2008

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In response to robin hood

It's hard to be scientific about random events unless you have an understanding of randomness.  There was one member who tried to synchronize his picks with randomness and wrote the program lotosych which still may be available on the web however he hasn't posted anything in a long while.

Welcome to LP and good luck finding what you're looking for.

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In response to robin hood

You're not going to find a true scientific method or system that is absolutely guaranteed to win. If it was that easy, everyone would be winning all of the time. Just search through the forum, read some posts and find a method that looks good to you. There are many to choose from. Good luck.

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I still say there has got to be away

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In response to chefgaryl

You are right and lots of players are winning the pick3 and pick4 games everyday some where and someone is winning a pick5 or jackpot game every week.  Chances are it because as a group, all the players are covering almost all the possible combinations.

As individual players, we all play from the same list of possible combinations but only the lucky few pick one of the few winning combinations.

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The Scientific Method means you construct a theory that works every time. It can't work half of the time or you don't have a valid theory. As the answer to the lottery is different every time it is impossible to come up with a theory that works every time. 

What you need to do is take some of the previous winning numbers and break out their pairs. 

For example: 1-2-3-4 = 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4.

If you play doubles don't forget 1-2 and 1-3 can = 1-1-2-3.

Now review the past 22 draws and circle your pairs in the recent draw history.  Often you will find several of them made a strong showing and if you had made up four digit numbers from those pairs you would have won.  There is some boot strapping to this, so either it clicks with your kind of mental processes or try something else.


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In response to robin hood

First off let me welcome you to the Lottery Post, you will find lots of usefull information within these threads, lol. Take your time, there are the Pick-3/4 forums and daily postings from members just like yourself looking for an advantage. Note, I said advantage since there is NO guarantee, if there were we would all be living large.

While your in the Pick-4 forum stop by my post, you might want to try my system this week, it's free, stop by my Blog for information on how you can obtain my free list this week.

Good luck to you and again welcome aboard.


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