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UK Nat Lottery 1st day ticket & Wednessday 1st day ticket


When I was 16 (1994) I bought a nattional lottery ticket on the first day of the first draw, and then a few years later I bought a wednesdy lottery draw ticket on the first day of the wednesday draws (1997).

Both tickest say that they are 1st day tickets on them, now I'm wondering if they have any value to collectors, I've not been able to find out by surfing the net

I don't want to sell them, but I would like to know if they have any value.

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Scratch tickets seem to be the most collectable, but it also seems logical that yours would be worth something to a collector.  I would continue holding on to them -- just keep them flat and out of sunlight, like in a book or folder.


Thankyou Todd, I agree, I think I have nothing to loose and maybe more to gain if I just keep them safe.

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