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If LP was..

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I put...have no ideaWhat?

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Coin Toss

I might get some sleep!

Green laugh

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I put "have no idea" too. 

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Type personally I'd would catch up on my web surfing


You left out "All of the Above". 

That would be my choice.

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I would continue doing the things that I usually do.

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I put 'I have no idea' also ... what other websites are out there that compare to this one ? To be honest, I never checked after I found this one. I think that speaks for itself.Thumbs Up



I would have a mental breakdown. But no worry, Todd would NEVER let that happen.



ever since this summer i finally made an effort to try and cut down on all this internet time i was spending online.the ironic thing was when tennessee went RNG my girlfriend who really only knew that meant i was done playing told me thats a sign for me to slow down,get off here and more time with the kids.i was spending a couple hours with them then spending a couple hours or more on here.i was winning a couple thousand online and was happy and we go spend money on my kids and girlfriend.she made me realize that even though tons of hours on here was turning into cash for me and toys for them but the family time was sort of suffering a bit.i honestly think i was addicted for at least three years to posting here continuously but i was also burning out some and i think people saw that in my blogs with me ranting and stuff.i'm content now to get on here for a few minutes here and there and i spend at least 90 percent of my time at home with my kids now and i'm don't get me wrong i've had my share of fun here but addiction or obsession crosses the line into things that aren't healthy just like any other thing like drinking,smoking,eating,etc.

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In response to pacattack05

I Agree!  I put 'have a breakdown' as I would feel like I am "MISSING" all the good info that everyone has to share.

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I put "cry"   Crying 2  Call me a sentimental ole chap!!  I don't think it would be because the numbers are would be more the people I would miss!!  There is a sense of community here that is comforting to me.  I feel like I know a lot of you out there, although never met anyone!  That's what I would miss the most....

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