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Ga Midday 'Thor's' Day

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     Ways to cut down the amount of numbers played.   A thousand numbers is over my budget. LOL


      One way is:

        Well.... I don't play a digit after it has hit 4 days in a row.  The Digit 1 has done 4 days in a row and so MOST times thats it.

        Every digit shows up 271 times in the 1000 chart ..... so if we can subtract just one digt thats a whole lot of numbers. 


      Another way:

          The middle postion has been an ODD digit for 6 days in a row....  OK that means there are 500 numbers that have an ODD digit in the middle.... and 500 that don't. 

       So.... lets just look at starting off looking at just those Even middle  digit numbers today.   


      Another way.

         The number yesterday was ... 418    Because a digit from the last draw generally comes back that just leaves us with 4 or 8 .   


  These are the oldest least 1 yr old numbers with 4 or 8   SINGLES


                   038, 345, 247, 346, 689,       068, 078, 178, 378, 459, 018


 These are the doubles like that ....

                              334, 488, 668, 444, 688,          455, 447, 889, 466, 188, 044 


 {place even digits in the middle positon for a straight.

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 Good Straight Plays for today.       Thor's Day



028, 046, 064, 082, 208, 280,      406, 460, 604, 640, 802, 820


244, 343, 424, 442


I like your way of thinking!

Simplicity at its best.

I do something similar.

First look at any digit that is overdue in all positions.

Second, look at any digits overdue in either 1st 2nd or 3rd position.

Third, look at ODD, EVEN overdues in all positions.

Fourth, look at DOUBLES and whether they are overdue.

I am mostly a FRONT PAIR BACK PAIR player but like playing the 3 Way box Doubles based on this criteria.

Does Georgia have FP BP plays ?

Dave in Florida

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Thanks flamarko... !  This method is more like a puzzle than anything else and really keeps my interest.

 Georgia does do pairs bets....  Funny however, I never got around to playing them. Maybe I will now and check it out.


Match your two numbers with the first two winning numbers in EXACT order to win. (Odds – 1:100)
12X 1 2 + any number $25 $50
Match your two numbers with the last two winning numbers in EXACT order to win. (Odds – 1:100)
X23 any number + 2 3 $25 $50



     No digits returned today ....and it hit as a double 323     OH NO... I shoulda just played those numbers up there on the demo ticket.  x23 !!

  It was an even in the middle.... our good shot worked there. No digit 1 returned ...and that was good too. Bad Luck about this being a NO DIGIT return day.  OH well ... Like Scarlet says... LOL  

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