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what type of pet would you buy if you hit a jackpot?


most people like certain animals but can't afford them due to finances.if i hit a jackpot i might buy some horses when i buy a bunch of land somewhere.


or i could buy mans best friend.....


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the picture was funny...I would get me a German Shepherd...

On the side...LETS focus our energies more on hitting jackpot first...I'm sure everyone has their favorite pet, car, house, vacation, etc...if they can afford it.


An Ant and an Elephant with huge eyebrows.

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Type lottomike U ought to be shot in the foot for posting that pic

 Blue Thinking but as for me I think I'd find a place near a bat colony and maybe the few solid black cats

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A ragdoll kitten

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I'm not one to pay for animals, since there are so many strays around me that are free.  But, since my cat that I had for ten years passed away last year,  I would like one just like her.  She was a rare mix of himalayan, persian and siamese.  She was beautiful.  She had a twin, but she didn't belong to me and was killed a few years ago.  I think I would have to find a breeder to arrange that mix for me.  I have other animals, but I would like a cat like her again.  They have special characteristics., and she was very intelligent.

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    Hey LottoMike - I do love ya but that picture gives me the willies. Seriously.  LOL

    I would like to use my winnings to see firsthand what is happening in various states with different rescues and where the most money will do the most good for the most animals.  When ready to settle down, I'd probably add to my brood after obtaining more land and shelter.  I have to agree that the 1 animal I'd like to have is a dog that can never be replaced, so I'd probably keep helping big dogs and put more money into dog training centers for the disabled as well as law enforcement.  I do have a long-held plan but I'm flexible. 

  Ok, if anyone is interested, after you hit, buy the land, build the stables and kennels, etc., but if it is a domestic animal, any breed, size or religion, please email me before you put money down.

    I can virtually guarantee for little to no money we can find you the animal you want.  Where horses are concerned, there is such a glut of horses now that the laws have changed with regard to slaughter, horses are being sold or given away every day, many for just the cost of transport or stable fees.  I used to ride but have little expertise about horses; however, there are rescues that have everything from Arabians to Draft horses and miniatures including colts. 

   Dogs and cats, every single breed, mixed  breed, size, shape, color, personality - again, I assure it's out there waiting for a good home. 

    If all that money means you demand that new pet smell, there are puppies and kittens, every make and model, purebred and otherwise for those special people that want a baby.  To me, having a puppy is a state of mind and a great place to be (at least after housetraining is complete).

    Goats, pigs, ferrets, birds (moving a little outside the domestic), bunnies, snakes - there's a rescue for everything.

         You can have too many animals but you can never help too many animals.  Ok. I'll stop now, but thank you for this post. 

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 LottoMike, very funny pic.


I personally wouldn't want a pet after winning a major jackpot.. More stress.  For example what if my dog bites a person, he may sue me for part of my jackpot.  lol........ I may help or donate funds to help unwanted pets. 

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Jack Pot
In response to LOTTOMIKE

We are not a pet family, so no pets. We would donate to organizations that take care of stray animals or taking care of animals which are near extinction.

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In response to nncadillac

I Agree!

The key is that I would have like 14 bedrooms and cat would not be allowed to enter half of them. These other rooms would be allergen free as I am allergic to cats.

What I am tying to say is that I could just buy or adopt cat now. But in a condo with no patio I would sneeze like crazy.

I need bigger house first. 


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Coin Toss
In response to pacattack05

Oh no! the ant and the elephant story! The height of conceit!

Green laugh

If I hit a jackpot, I'd go ahead and buy the parrot or mynah bird that told me the winning numbers!



I would buy a politician or a lobbyist on K Street in DC.  Those qualify as pets for rich people . . .. don't they?


In response to Coin Toss


I know of only two ant and elephant stories. One my uncle used to tell me over and over and over again when I was about 5 years old, and the other is a dirty joke, which I can't write

BTW...An elephant with it's trunk in the air signifies good luck.

Which story is the one you're talking about?


I want one of each! Animals rule! But I wouldn't buy one, just take whatever comes my way like I always do.

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