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Been Watching Test Numbers for 12/30 to 1/5...

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When I first  decided to start posting Pick 3 numbers this month, I started out with a group of test numbers that I did not post. I figured that at least they would turn out hits for one week. I have continued to update that list after 1/5/08 and the list is still going. I've been torn between posting them or not since the period that I had intended them for has passed. For those of you who are good at seeing patterns, filtering, mirror states, mirrors, mates, vtracs and all of the other methods that lottery players are know to use, you may be able to get more mileage out of this set of numbers since they are still hitting.

For what it is worth here is what has been happening. Please feel free to share any observations you may have. I hope that somebody can get a hit or two out of these... Good Luck!

P3 12-30 to 1-5-08

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149 KS 1/9 E

069 KY 1/9 M

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014 FL 1/10 E

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In response to LottoChica23

WTG LottoChica23...!!  very nice indeed!!!  Hurray!

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In response to calabs

Thanks calabs Yes Nod

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149 MO 1/10 M

048 PA 1/11 E S

349 MO 1/11 E

013 SC 1/11 M

689 GA 1/11 E

025 CA 1/11 M S 

014 NJ 1/11 M S

278 VA 1/11 M

389 WC 1/11 E 

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