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Fla Test Draws

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This was the response I received, relating to the question about test draws. 
As a follow-up to your recent e-mail, please note that the method of pre-testing has always been a part of the On-line drawing procedures.  Since the Florida Lottery first On-line drawing (LOTTO: May 1988), testing both machines and ball sets has been a standard method of verification by both the independent auditor and the Florida Lottery sworn law enforcement officer witnessing the night's drawing.  Official records are kept, however it has never been the established procedures to post such info, as this information is public record is is obtainable through the Office of Security.  More detailed information about the drawing system can be obtain via the primary Lottery Draw Manager, Ray Brown.
Hopefully we have answered your questions.
Best regards,
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In response to CARBOB

Recommend you inititate a letter requesting the pre-test drawing information. Be specific with the from and to dates you are interested in.

If enough people start asking for the data, they might decide to provide the information on line, like they do in Texas.

FYI. Texas use to mail out the pretests once a month. They now put all the information in a pretest file online. 

The only problem is that the pretests for the current day aren't filed early enough to be of use for the drawing, or so I'm told.

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