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New option to report private messages

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There is a new option added to all private messages that will allow you to report a message as spam.

Lately there have been people using both blogs and private messages to spam people and send advertisements, and this is another tool to help you all get rid of the spammers.  I will be adding a similar feature to blogs in the near future.

It is simple and quick to report a message: just click the "Report Spam" link at the top-right of the message, and confirm "OK" to finish.  You can also cancel without reporting the message, so don't worry about mistakingly clicking the link.

Your browser never leaves the page.  The only difference is that you will be able to see any message you've reported by a small "reported" label in the place where the Report Spam link was previously.

The person who SENT the spam will not be aware that you have reported their message, so your spam report is completely private (between you and me).


Yeah..that annoying easy car loan ad I always see in the

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In response to pacattack05

The ability to report spam in the blogs is now available too.  Let's get rid of the annoying car loan guy.

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Thanks Todd

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