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I need help with visual basics for exel


Does anyone no how to create a "for/next" loop that will compare specific cells in a specific worksheet. How do I reference the worksheet and the specific cell. The basic program was easy because the info was always in the program. This is gonna be a little more intrinsic I feel. Here's a sample of the normal loop I would use in basic, with the my dilenma about excel.

for a=1 to 5

if a=1 let b="specific worksheet/cell"


then the comparison

if b="specific worksheet/cell" let c=c+1

then dump the result

let "specific workshheet/cell =c

clear c


I think I'm going to have use "range" but perhaps some one can give me a clear macro, thanksWhat?

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Is the following code a step in the right direction to compare specific cells across specific worksheets? (I didn't look closely at your logic for a,b, c; only referencing different worksheets/cells)

Sub Loop5()
Dim i As Integer, ARef As String, BRef As String, CRef As String, c As Integer

    For i = 1 To 5
        ARef = "A" & CStr(i) 'Cstr() function converts integer to string
        BRef = "B" & CStr(i)  'you may want to change the variable referencing Sheet1
        If Range("SheetX!" & ARef).Value = Range("Sheet1!B" & CStr(i) & "").Value Then
            c = c + 1
        End If
    Debug.Print c
End Sub

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