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Hot and Cold, Up and Down ..and around we go...

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Hi all...

 I've been reading on a few systems online on 5 number games last week. Last Friday, I decided to try the hot and cold version of it. I played $20 worth of Fantasy 5 tickets based on hot and cold numbers using on the past 15 draws using the lotterys history pdf file. It turned out interesting ... I had 3 numbers on 1 ticket (payed $7.50) (the other 2 were off by one number each!..prize was 60k+/- with 4 winners)..amongst 5 free tickets as well.

   I also created another round of numbers being 1 number off as well. I will be playing these tonight in hopes of a hit or close to it :) .

  Has anyone played their states' pick 5 game using mixed systems using hot/cold,up/down,frequency hits,vtracts,etc. all at the same time ?

Fingers crossed for tonight. I ended up with a total of 40 #'s ... more than the 20 I wanted to play, but I will play them anyways for the sake of testing this out. Maybe throwing more horshoes out onto the field will help my chances.


Good Luck to all !


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I play hot numbers only, and hot pairs (in Pick 5 yes). So far no good. Never got 4of5. I do not play cold numbers even though everybody tells me to.  I ask myself: why would I play them if they are cold...?!?

Oh well, good luck to you!


EDIT: Oh, and I review like 1+ year of history drawings, probably too much, but who knows... 

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In response to derek7

Thanks Derek for the reply. Hopefully I'll get a hit tonight.. If I win the big one, I'll post it for all to see. X <--- fingers crossed

I know where your coming from on not wanting to play the cold you said, who wants to play cold numbers. The key to that is dont play the coldest of cold meaning numbers that hardly ever come out.

Good Luck !



Look at Lottovantage system and use a sum calc.

find the set and go one up and one down you will see it...

Ohio  majic number 111 

look at lottlaughs

find yours



Another hint Kola

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Morning all...

   Well...the results are in ... 8 free tickets, no cash prizes tho ... had numbers on most tickets too. Now if I could only figure out when to go up by 1 instead of down, I'd do so much better. Bash  heh!

It seems that the hot and cold method works very well getting me in the ballpark. Going to try it with the FL Lotto tonight. Another point would be how far back I need to go. I went back 10 draws last night. Maybe I should try 15 draws back tonight.

Just wanted to give you an update.

Good Luck all !


In response to Omniscient

Matching 2 out of 5 pays $1 in Ohio and that makes a huge difference when you're playing 20 - 30 combination abbreviated wheels. Those 8 free tickets still have a chance of winning in the next draw, but when I'm picking the numbers, I'd rather have the 8 bucks to use in the next draw.

Saturday's Fantasy 5 numbers were 1-4-19-30-35. If you used 2-5-3-20-18-31-29-36-34 (1 up and 1 down) in Sunday's drawing with 2 numbers from the previous drawing, you could use a 4if5 with 22 combinations.

1. 02-03-19-35-36
2. 05-19-20-31-35
3. 05-19-29-34-35
4. 18-19-20-35-36
5. 02-03-05-18-19
6. 02-19-20-29-31
7. 02-18-19-31-34
8. 05-18-19-29-36
9. 03-19-20-29-34
10. 03-19-31-34-36
11. 02-05-31-35-36
12. 02-03-20-34-35
13. 02-18-20-29-35
14. 03-05-18-34-35
15. 03-18-29-31-35
16. 29-31-34-35-36
17. 02-03-05-29-31
18. 02-05-20-34-36
19. 02-18-29-34-36
20. 03-05-20-29-36
21. 05-18-20-31-34
22. 03-18-20-31-36


I find that every time numbers are drawn(at least in NY), they include a combination of both hot and cold general.  So the player is burdened with having to play sets of numbers that include a number of strategies (in addition to hot and cold numbers) to give yourself the best chance.

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Thanks for the info guys... 4 free tickets in the FL lotto on Sat. btw( I played $15 worth of numbers) .  Damn ... I need a cash prize ! lol

Good Luck !


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This will be slightly of topic but I see Pick 5 forum gets finally some recognition in 2008. Post here and there, very nice. Pick 5 was my favorite game back in 2000 and it still is. (Well, besides Keno that is not ofer in IL). 

Let's hit that pick 5 already! :)



Well, pick 5 has the best odds with a substantial payoff amount if successful.  I play a couple of bucks with regular Lotto and Mega.....but the odds seem way too low.  This seems like pure luck more so to me.

In response to Stack47


One up and one down only produced a 1 number match (20). I checked Fantasy 5 on a program that sorts the numbers into eight 16 number categories and all 5 numbers where in the Rarity category.

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In response to Stack47

I tend to have more luck going down by 1 number far so's gotten me closer ..well more free tickets anyways. Just trying to get the right mix between which hot and cold #'s to use and how far back to pick my numbers from.

In response to derek7

Little Lotto

 1. 2-16-19-23-29
 2. 3-10-23-27-29
 3. 2-11-20-23-35
 4. 6-11-23-26-30
 5. 11-12-19-23-30
 6. 6-19-23-27-35
 7. 16-23-26-30-35
 8. 6-10-12-20-23
 9. 2-3-7-20-23
10. 7-10-12-23-26
11. 7-11-27-29-35
12. 2-11-20-26-29
13. 6-10-12-29-35
14. 3-10-29-30-35
15. 6-7-20-29-30
16. 7-12-16-27-29

17. 10-12-19-26-29
18. 6-7-10-11-35
19. 6-11-12-19-20
20. 3-6-11-16-30
21. 2-3-11-12-26
22. 3-7-11-16-19
23. 10-11-16-20-27
24. 2-6-26-27-35
25. 2-7-10-19-35
26. 3-12-16-20-35
27. 3-19-20-26-35
28. 2-6-10-16-30
29. 2-3-6-19-27
30. 3-6-7-16-26
31. 2-7-12-27-30
32. 19-20-26-27-30

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Hi all.. another update...

  Good news this time... 2 cash prizes ... I got 2 tickets with 3 out of 5 and 2 free tickets.. payout was $11 each, and it cost me $10 to play... so I made a $12 profit along with 2 extra tickets. I woulda had 4 of 5, but I didnt follow my gut instinct on a cold number (#36) and used 35 instead... 36 came out.. would of paid $145, but that's ok ... I'm getting closer ... can't w8 for tonights drawing results. 

Good Luck all !


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OMG... sooo close last night...

FL Fantasy 5 .. my ticket.. 7-13-22-24-29 ... actual number... 6-13-21-25-29  ..only won a free ticket ... I'm gonna hit this soon.. I just feel it!

Damn ..that hurts ... wish I had gone up on those 2 other numbers and down on the 1st number ... sigh...


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