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Pearl found on Restaurant.


Some people get something unusual.

Florida, 31/12/2007.

The page is on the AOL new site. 

Is this true!? 

What did you expected?


And some people still complain about the probabilities of the lottery ... Now, thinking about the old discussion about the pearl!!!

Thousands ... 


Yeah, but how many millions of opened clams eaten were thrown away which had no pearls in them? That couple shelled out 10 bucks for the clam dinner. They won't be sharing the money after they sell it because an article I read said that this couple was very shellfish.....

I personally don't believe it. The whole story sounds a little fishy. By looking at their pictures, you can tell they looked half-baked anyway.

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Do you have a link to the article you are talking about?

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In response to ThatScaryChick

I wrote about it in my blog earlier today.  The link is there.  It's also in several newspapers if you google some key words like "pearl" and "restaurant"   Must be a really slow news day. Smiley

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Oysters produce pearls.  A pearl as we know it; round and lustrous, has to be a rare occurence from a clam.

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In response to jarasan

Maybe she had it in her pocket when they sat down to eat and knew such a story would make the headlines!   It's not only rare, but the pearl itself is rare, purple in color.  The article said he bit into something very hard.  Hmm.  Good thing it wasn't a piece of glass or the restaurant wouldn't be getting good press, but a lawsuit instead.  LOL

Pac, yuck-yuck-yuck.  Jester I like your clam puns. I really dig them.

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Coin Toss

When we saw this on the news last night first thing we thought of was THE LUCK FACTOR.

And the fact that it was a clam, not an oyster.

Now we're wondering of the restaurant is going to say they had "posession" because people people pay fopr their meals after they eat.  

Ut oh.

Not to mention that somewhere out there is at least one person who might have been the one to get that pearl, but told their SO they're not big on seafood!

Same story, lottery player version:

A couple ordered clams in a restauruant, and found a numbered miniature ping pong ball in the first six of them..... 

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In response to ThatScaryChick
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Thank you four4me. It's very pretty. I wonder how much it is worth.

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In response to ThatScaryChick

Just want to comment that when I made the above remark about "must be a really slow news day" I wasn't being sarcastic or referring to anyone on LP.  I was talking about the media and how this story seems to be popping up everywhere, and I just saw it on Yahoo's home page. 

I know the ending.  We're going to find out she brushes her teeth with Pearl Drops. Razz  I hope they don't have financial problems in the future and blow whatever they get in a clams casino.  Thing they are just stringing us along.

I better clam up if I know what's good for me. 


I was also "a little" skeptical about it.

Ok, here comes a little history.

I had a higher score for Hotbits (a "RNG" test), it scored : 57 positive hits. 

Final score: 57

3.5625 standard deviations

Significance: 2.042268747044712E-4. A score

of this many hits can be

expected by chance every 4896


Since the result is considered Significant enough, there was a possibility of play this number on some Lottery.

Ok, I was thinking about how the New Year was on Santa Catarina (SC state of Brazil). Florianópolis is the capital of the state ( Florianólopis is also  know as 'Floripa'). Florianópolis is a small tropical island, their had Oysters that weren't expensive (12 per R$6.00 or maybe R$0.50 per Oyster) because their grown just in six months.  

Posted the result of the RPK test on another Forum on the Internet. There was a old result that I previous posted (55 hits) and the view counter was in 66 views, in subsequent visits it had 66 views and later 77 views. The number 81 views was what interested me... After all a old nsb-install-8-1-2 (Netscape) was used in the past!

Sure the stories about rare Pearls, Teeth and others are very much suspicious ... Well, why not try the numbers on some Pick-3 games !?

What's about 8-1-X?

Not a big surprise ...


Ohio Midday Pick 3 : 4-1-8

Illinois Midday Pick 3 : 8-2-1

Iowa Midday Pick 3 : 8-2-1


Also into a subsequent visit on the AOL page from this topic, I voted in the Poll:

Did you know clams could make pearls?

Yes 62% 88,989

No 38% 54,677 

Note on Poll results  Total Votes 143,666

I was the person number "54,677" that voted 'No, I didn't know that clams could make pearls ...'


Minnesota Daily 3: 7-8-7

Multi-State Tri-State Pick 3 Midday : 7-7-6


Obvious there is a x57 on SC:

South Carolina Midday: 9-5-7 


Moral 'of the story' ... get some precaution about histories of Teeth. This time it was only x12 ...

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The story has made network news! It is worth $25K!

Go to fullsize image Worm clam courtesy NOAA.

In response to jarasan

$25,000...that's all?

Heck...A piece of toast with an image of christ sold on ebay for about $80,000. Just name the finding..."Pearly Gates". I could easily get a trillion on


Quebec La Quotidienne 3 (01/01/2008):


Box hit 

Nebraska Pick 3 (01/01/2008):


Idaho Pick 3 (01/01/2008):


Box hit

Arizona Pick 3 (01/01/2008):


California Daily 3 (01/01/2008):


Wisconsin Daily Pick 3 (01/01/2008):


Connecticut Play 4(01/01/2008):


Ontario Pick 4 (01/01/2008):


Quebec La Quotidienne 4 (01/01/2008):



Idaho Pick 3 (02/01/2008):


Missouri Midday Pick 3 (02/01/2008):


Straight hit

Pennsylvania Daily Number (02/01/2008):


Washington D.C Lucky Numbers (02/01/2008):


Wisconsin Daily Pick 3 (02/01/2008):


Tennessee Midday Cash 3 (02/01/2008):


Western Canada Pick 3 (02/01/2008):


Straight Hit

Connecticut Play 3 (02/01/2008):


Virginia Midday 3 (02/01/2008):


Connecticut Midday 4 (02/01/2008):


Florida Play 4 (02/01/2008):


Multi-State Tri-State Pick 3 Midday (02/01/2008):


Indiana Midday 3 (02/01/2008):


Multi-State Tri-State Pick 4 (02/01/2008):



Maybe, because of it that long 'guess' lists infuriating some people. Like persons that could looks like "genius" on gambling games, trying to impress the incult ... 

After this, caution is a precaution!!! 


Weird ...

I was wondering about something in the past days . About changes and error in printed material .Like rare monetary bills or that rare stamp that was erroneous printed with a inverted aircraft.

The image of this rare seal was posted on the AOL NEWS QUIZ, including a question about the Rare Purple Pearl! Nice site ...

Other answer about what state would be next in the presidential  period race after Iowa! 

I tried and got the first 3 answers correct! Not concluded the QUIZ, too much stressing ... 

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