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Maloney's $tuff

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now i think if we know one thing about Maloney is that, that woman loves doubles and her hand is always N a pot somewhere's comin up wit a new brew!  now we all that some things never need to be fixed, and never need 2 be made new and Maloney's Gem$ and Trigga'$ r 2 of those favorite things! 

let me sho u what um workin' wit here:

let's take Ohio, and make it eZ wit' out the tracs, which can come along later! ;-) cause u know i won't last long wit-out em' i just won't!

a while ago Maloney listed her, "My Gem$, My $even $ix-Way Gem$ u can search and find em' but here's a handly list 4 - u.

334,344 335,355 337,377 339,399

345, 347, 349, 457, 459, 573, 579  they all contain digits 3,4,5,7 &9 now lets scoll down 2 the Eve of Christmas

  • Mon, Dec 31, 20079-3-2-5
    Sun, Dec 30, 20077-0-5-35-0-7-0
    Sat, Dec 29, 20076-9-5-23-0-9-8
    Fri, Dec 28, 20076-9-3-33-6-3-1
    Thu, Dec 27, 20071-8-6-84-2-4-9
    Wed, Dec 26, 20071-5-7-31-4-5-9
    Tue, Dec 25, 20074-3-6-73-0-3-6
    Mon, Dec 24, 20076-3-1-37-5-8-5

now the last GEM out was on the 28th, it was 6-9-3-3 which means what?  that the next time that set is up, it aught to be 993x which came prior below, think that may trigga a GEM of 443x-334x with 44 possibly stronga'

yea, i know, maybe it ain't a big deal 2 some but here's the skinny, if u ain't an atb playa' and if u r, u can look @ the sets, trigga'$ and Gem$ to pretty much time what's next, now this is just a reminda' cause i keep gettin' PM's askin' me, what is Maloney's Gem$, so now u have it.

x785 was the first trigga, look how far up they flew, now i didn't go below the 24th, look up and c the Gem in the red, how many days lata' so Ohio has gotten busy with trigga$ so they due a Gem of a Landin'

now here's a glimpse to the prior activity, and i didn't highlight the trigga'$, :

  • Mon, Dec 24, 20076-3-1-37-5-8-5
    Sun, Dec 23, 20077-8-0-86-4-3-5
    Sat, Dec 22, 20073-8-5-64-8-5-2
    Fri, Dec 21, 20075-0-6-97-3-8-7
    Thu, Dec 20, 20079-3-8-17-8-3-6
    Wed, Dec 19, 20072-2-5-28-5-6-8
    Tue, Dec 18, 20075-0-7-09-1-6-8
    Mon, Dec 17, 20073-5-3-29-5-9-3
    Sun, Dec 16, 20072-8-6-52-7-7-5
    Sat, Dec 15, 20079-0-8-27-4-3-8
    my guess is that if the 73x sho's face, it should b, 733, the 35x should be 355x and 9593 is a twista' but if u scroll up u'll c that it did fly back with a 6, but the Gem was 933, just opposite of the 993 off the 17th, roughly 10days, but count em' cause i ain't that good @ that!  5534 looks real good for OHIO too!  this is one of Maloney's proven methods.  it's ole' scool ;-)
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WOW! ducksafloat, you really came down the pike with explanations.

My Gem$ weave in & out of the pick 4s like the driver of a car weaving through traffic saying "get me to the church on time". Because it is a blessing when you land a gem inside of a pick 4. Especially a double double or a triple inside of a pick 4.

I know only you could take it apart to see how they really work my most gracious friend!


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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ducksafloat, you talked it up. Not only in Ohio, but in other states as well. I give you the honors! 

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hey now Maloney,

them ain't my honors!  this yo'$tuff!Green laughit's just me c N it cauze um

M 2 B P & P! wmim!Green laughi luv u man! woman! ;-)Green laughGreen laughwhat a year!

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now i know ya'll saw that in Ohio, now that 773x form of a GEM done fell twice, they need that 733x form 2 fall, and take note of the tracs that fell, in oppistion, form 433 & 443, what a glance, now u also c that GEM trigga 5-3-7 right there inside of the GEM itself, so what that means is that Ohio gone git anotha' GEM, 7733 - 733x.

have a look-c

  • Tue, Jan 1, 20081-4-3-3
    Fri, Dec 21, 20071-1-2-5
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In response to ducksafloat

ducksafloat you are the only one, thee only one I give permission to refer to me as "Maloney"!


Yes, My Gem$ had a bit of a rally some days before Christmas on the pick 3 side. Now we are just into the New Year & we are in the midst of a rally on the pick 4 side. They are My Gem$, they love the holiday excitement & if there isn't a holiday, they make their own holiday!

Green laugh

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In response to LAVERNE MALONEY

now c there Maloney, u got jokes!!! i ain't gone git a post up if u gone start wit me! Laughing 1u know it don't take much 2 git me started, the problem gone b gittin' me 2 stop ROTFL 

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Jani Norman
In response to ducksafloat

You're doing a good job Big"D" wished i'd read this posting earlier keep up the good work

See Ya!

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In response to Jani Norman

 All My Love Beating 

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now rememba' i said um gone throw sum tracs in here, it's a few but um favor N' the v forms 5214-5213-4132 glance @ the fullness of those tracs and c if u spot N E trigga'$ r Gem$ and other possibilities r 2212-5112-2255-1332-2222.

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heck! No Nod wrong trac, but um gone hold em' nun-the-lezz a trigga did sho face 7-8-9 now the whole of the EST got v241x up N comin' now i like forms 7339, 7993, 7336, 7934

  • Ohio1-5-1-3

now glancin' @ PA, um gone call her Passive, she needs a one of Maloney'$ Gem$, now she's had some but them trigga'$ keep sho N' face.  possible forms 733x, 4933, 4443, 4994, 4993

  • Wed, Jan 2, 20082-4-37-5-18-2-6-15-2-8-3
    Tue, Jan 1, 20082-2-30-9-64-4-2-93-8-6-2
    Mon, Dec 31, 20072-7-36-7-51-0-8-54-8-6-9
    Sun, Dec 30, 20078-8-16-9-50-5-4-48-1-3-9
    Sat, Dec 29, 20073-3-82-3-54-0-6-82-6-6-9
    Fri, Dec 28, 20076-6-51-1-10-4-7-33-6-1-3
    Thu, Dec 27, 20073-1-23-8-06-2-0-49-7-6-4
    Wed, Dec 26, 20078-6-98-5-61-5-2-02-4-7-5
    Tue, Dec 25, 20070-4-11-7-32-9-1-10-6-6-6
    Mon, Dec 24, 20075-6-87-6-63-6-8-89-4-3-9
    Sun, Dec 23, 20077-9-72-3-00-2-7-40-3-3-7
    Sat, Dec 22, 20073-2-36-6-50-1-8-80-9-3-3
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ok, PA got her Gem, without a doubt i was unable to deliver the correct one, but u must say that i got Gutts to stick it out there, now i know i got the part down as far as spotin' the GEM/Trigga's um gone keep tryin' till i get it, less someboda' wanna help a sista' out, cause i ain't got since enought 2 quit.  show face, the results were from the 6th, the Gem was 3955 and the v trac was 4511, now i think i didn't go back far enough, because prior to this GEM, the other was a form of 335 , now glance at this trac from the 18th, in the pink:  call it a morph or a mirror but, the 9/4 is sittin n the same trac.  now i gotta admit, i don't hang out in PA often, but seems 2 me that the GEMS/Trigga's kinda stickin' out like a sore thumb sayin' come and get me.  ;-)



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