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The code

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Amazing Grace

I have a code after 2 years of study that will make you nothing but cash


What should I do?

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Jack Pot
In response to Amazing Grace

Banana Give it as a New Year's gift to Jack Pot...?....Embarassed


HMMMMMM.....Let me think this one over, and I'll get back with you......Big Grin

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share it with everyone , that simple as is

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In response to pacattack05

 Laughing 1 

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I believe that everyone who has "The Code" should get together in a caucus & make one big GIGANTICcode.


OK....I thought about it.

Since you worked on it for so long, you should keep it to yourself or try to sell it on e-bay.

Lord only knows that all the LP members here already have a lot of cash on hand plus much much more in the bank anyway. Enough to retire on our own island somewhere in the Bahamas.

 Oh... my bad...I forgot to save the whales yesterday....gotta go.....



By all means,don't give it away. Just keep making predictions on the board. If your predictions are through the roof people will take notice and you can go from there deciding what you want to do,sell on ebay,make software,etc.

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In response to lottolaughs

good advice

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Send it to me and let me try it out! Hurray!

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In response to lottolaughs

I Agree!

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In response to Amazing Grace

Hi AG,

use your code and play your numbers, make lots of $$$!!!

cheers and happy newyear (it's just past midnight here in Belgium)

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In response to Amazing Grace

What type of code are you talking about? computer system? numbers code?other?

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There are things to consider. 

If fame is your game, make sure it works for the simplest of people. 

If fortune is your notion, keep it to yourself and make all you desire.

If, however, you fear the above, do nothing.  The pursuit of happiness is different for everyone. 

I, personally, would like to have a computer program that makes the lottery as easy as windows' operaing systems made computing.


I, personally, would like to have a computer program that makes the lottery as easy as windows' operaing systems made computing.

Are you sure about that?

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