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Lottery programs and never a Pick 5

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Coin Toss

Ever notice on thsoe lottery programs they show on Discovery and TLC they've never shown a pick 5 winner?

They have shown people who have won some nice prizes on scratchers, one recently aired one (was a repeat or an update) showed a woman in Virginia who hit a scratcher for $500,000.

I know the Illinois Little Lotto has been over a million a couple of times or more, and I'm sure other pick 5s have too.

I guess pick 5 just gets "no respect". 

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In response to Coin Toss

I think its because, generally, the P5 jackpots are too small to be of interest to the media.  They (the media) always go for the "big bang" on anythng they show.

Like our local P5 right now is just over 100K -- that happens once in awhile, but it starts at 10K and keeps rolling if not hit. It will often get hit, it seems, when its less than 50K.  Once it gets to 100K it is almost always hit in a couple of days.  So the woman you mentioned winning 500K on a scratcher is a bigger story than a lot of P5 games.


Sometimes because there are stories behind the winners like people fighting over a ticket found in a trash bin or a defective ticket. I've seen stories online about Pick 5 winners, but also a Pick 5 win after taxes even a 500K win is just enough to buy a home and pay off a few bills.

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Yeah, a half-million bucks (or even a million) before taxes, just isn't the life-changing event it used to be.  It's nice, and it would, like you say, pay off some bills. But you can't retire on it, and it just makes things a bit easier for the person if they play it right. Therefore, its not much of a story from the media's standpoint.

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Pick5 games seldom payout a prize of $500,000 or more.  Ohio's Rolling Cash5 have winners usually every week but the jackpots seldom get over $300,000 and stories about those size prizes aren't very interesting except to the winners.

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If someone were to win a p5 regularly, even a few times a year, it would get some attention.

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West Virginia has a 6/25 game that pays $25,000 for matching all 6 numbers and last summer one person had 7 winning tickets.

A few years ago an Ohioan had over 50 tickets on the same combination in the Buckeye 5 and that made the news because the top prize was $100,000, the aggregate payoff was $1 million, and there was another winning ticket. The Ohio Lottery did the right thing and paid the one player $100,000 and gave $1,000,000 to the player with the 50 winning tickets. 

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     I think that depends on how old one is.  $500,000 win would do me the rest of my life.

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In response to RJOh


PICK-5    >>>>>>>!




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