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Black and White dream

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         Unusual type of dream for me, may have been in the realm of reality more than dreaming.  Anyway,  I was moving along, stopped and realized a small black and white kitten was behind a fence type structure but still abandoned - but on the other side there was a black and white older puppy (reminded me of a springer spaniel kinda) and I chose the puppy, but worried about the kitten.  I apparently could not take both and truly could not afford to take 1.

    Then I took the puppy to a friend's residence and sat him down with my stuff and went to run an errand.  Got tied up and then panicked when I realized I had left the puppy alone and the damage he might do in my absence.   Attempted to find my way back to the friend's apparent apartment and could not find my way through a maze of doors. 

        Very distressing dream for me.   I might add I went to bed early, exhausted and somewhat stressed, so this dream may be more reality based than otherwise.   Just wondering if there are any numbers from the DT today.   The emphasis in this dream seemed to be on black/white, lost......   Thanks!  J


Puppy: 322 876
Kitten: 402 320
Black dog: 410 418
White dog: 441 375

Good luck my friend...


Seeing a puppy in your dream, symbolizes your playfulness and carefree nature. It also represents a blossoming friendship or that your friendships will grow stronger. Seeing a litter of newborn puppies in your dream, is indicative of the amount of time that an idea has been developing or will take to develop. Look to the number of puppies to give you that approximate amount of time. Dreaming that you are taking care of some puppies indicates that you are a trustworthy and loyal friend especially in difficult times.

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black (ILL & Io 652)(In 140) (NM 286) (NJ 131) (NY 587) (De 1213)

kitten (NC 203) (ILL 7625)

door 1099 783

puppies (NY378) (ILL 203)

In response to Jake

black   904   6374

white   187   9103

lost   236   2691  (263   632)

black and white   498   1548   (489   498)

kitten   377   0103

puppy   077   8003

abandoned   016   9762

doors   635   7680

maze of doors   933   4143   (393)

Good luck! 

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kitten   230

puppy   126   897   8574

white   670   606   2785

lost   411   275   7534

friend   545   616   896   3814

doors   368   907   768   1099

maze  782   081   0934

good luck, Jake!

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    Thanks to each and every one of you.   J



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In response to AGF310

FL 12/26    411 str!  What was I thinking Jake?!!  I should've known it was coming, as BIRD had it predicted too!Bang Head

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In response to AGF310

Hey J, worth mentioning, 7534 showed in NY, SC, & GA last week!!!  WTG!!!!

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