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what is the vtrac for 298 need some help with this thanks not sure about the vtrac system


hi v =354

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thank you sook7b


I was told:

V = non V
1 = 1 or 6
2 = 2 or 7
3 = 3 or 8
4 = 4 or 9
5 = 5 or 0

So i.e. either a 1 or a 6 is a VTRAC digit 1.

You would actually play both digits so for V354 you have to play:


Caveat: VTRACs in a Pick 3 will cover 2x2x2=8 times and many combinations, so you have to make sure your backtest is reflecting this, that is at random VTRAC would win 8x as many STR wins, and you have to beat most Lottery's 50% take out so you want to win more than one STR every 62.5 drawings. In non-VTRAC you're aiming for more than one STR win every 500 drawings.

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0, 5=v1

1, 6=v2

2, 7=v3

3, 8=v4

4, 9=v5

Key: v=vtrac


What is the vtrac for 846 and how do I use the vtrac in getting the next number.

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user044 vtracs 101 vtracs 101 chapter 2 vtracs 102 vtracs 102 chapter 2 vtracs 102 Chapter 3 vtracs 102 the finale

 tntea did a whole series of outstanding tutorials on these.

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2 digit v-trac returns are very common so say your last nighs draw was

285 so v-trac 341

most likely you wil get a 34,31,41 v-trac in next combo

so if v-trac 41 comes back then 80,85,30,35, for actual numbers, the rest is up to you,

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what is the v-trac for 263

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I tried the links for the vtracs tutorials, but they don't seem to be working. Could someone help me out? I'd really like to read

more, and learn about this. Thanks everyone.

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each is listed in my blog

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