A ghost whispered to me!!

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 I was on the virge of waking up from my dream when i started to walk through my dark house with the bathroom light on. I went into the bathroom the door was wide open and I saw a roach I tried to kill the roach with a peace of tissue then the roach fly up above my head and I started fanning it away frantically. All of a sudden I felt someone behind me whispered (not sure if this the right numbers),3062314558. I tried to turn round to see the face of the person but I couldnt turn towards the face, so I turned the other way and i saw the shoulder sleeve to a small peace of the chest, a white T shirt with lil colours to the front. When this thing whispered to me I felt the hot breath of this ghost behind my neck and ears. When I felt the need to be afraid the feeling of calmness came upon me then I listened. 

This experience is new to me!!!!  Can someone help me sort out these numbers please I dont know nothing about playing 5 and 6 balls. How do I play any of these #'s as a three ball. I must be have to find the number for figures or something.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

 Now i have to get ready for work and I dont want to go to the bathroom til i turn on every light in this house!!!


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I see it this way---


3 will be in the 1st position, 6 will be in the 2nd, 14 in the third, 31 in the 4th, 45 in the 5th   and a powerball of 30 in the 6th position


3,6,14,31,45  pb 30


306  is 30 in the 6th position


062 is 06 in the 2nd


314 is 14 in the 3rd


314 is also 31 in the 4th position


455 is 45 in the 5th position

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walk   125   958   880   8099

light   363   838   971   0463

roach   763   673   767   1674

tissue   267

tissue paper   134

ghost   205   987   607   6873

ghostly   000

numbers   690   956   154   1365

whisper   970   580   6805

good luck! 

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Its 306 NY


      455 for 8pm mia

Whoa Lets goPartyBananaHyperSmashYes NodLOLDanceHurray!Green laugh

Percy getting grine hard today. Oh yea, Oh yeaDrum

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I counted 37 after adding all of them together 037 637

Good Luck

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 Thanks everyone for your posts im gonna try these .

Oh new york and miami let me win please!!! lol!!!!

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NY mid 12/16    431.....wtg!!

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NY mid 12/19     079

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 ghost gave me 10 numbers what to put with it.

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140 in NY

124 in MI

im 21 and this the 10 numbers in ny with 4.

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