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POLL: Scratchers as gifts / prizes

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Coin Toss

You give scratchers as a gift and one of them is a winner, way more than the price of all the scratchers you gave to the same person.

Do you expect a little kickback, or at what point (how much of a prize) would you expect a kickback? 

And would this be that same as giving someone a gift card to a store and expecting them to go to that store and buy you stuff? 

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No - a gift is a gift.  However, maybe that's why I don't give them as gifts.  I admit that if I gave a million dollar scratcher away, I might feel a little resentful since I never win anything.   Still, once I give a gift I have no expectations. 

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Nope. It's a gift and I don't expect anything out of it. If they decide to give me some I wouldn't turn it down, but I wouldn't expect them to give me a share of it.

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