The dreaded slump--:(


Man!!  I've been in slumps before but not like this its been months with a few scrathers for even money being about the best ..... totally bumming me out  No Pity!So throw your good luck charms in this post and change this downward spiralI Agree!  Because I need itHat

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I can relate, I am in a one off cycle that is frustrating, for eg. Sat. 7384 fell in MD. I had 7394 for $15, ouch, and this is but one, there are numerous more.  Here is the joojoo, 

"Sala hala chicken dinner the codman needs a winner!".


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Sending good luck and MUCH good fortune to all who are experiencing the bout of the down cycle. Still going thru it myself so I'm rowing that boat right with ya's!!

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hey codmander...i've been there done that...relax,play your gut feeling numbers..go thru the day with the don't care if ya win attitude,and don't THINK about it so me i went ALL of September with out a hit...and was spending more than a $1 a night...quiet a bit more (lol)..

then October rolled around and BAM, 4 hits the 1st week..

hang in there, i'm pullin for ya   Thumbs Up

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Good luck to you and me!

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Getting out of a slump is not difficult, though it often requires persistence. Most people either don't realize what they have to do to reverse a slump, or they are not willing to do it.

Here is the formula for getting out of a slump:
1. Do something:
People in a slump spend most of their time worrying, ruminating, and planning. They suffer from "analysis paralysis". They become so obsessed making their next step perfect, they never take it. You can only reverse a slump through action, so you've got to act... now!
2. Do more:
Decide how much activity you think you really need to get fully out of your slump. Then do at least twice that amount. Do more of what's working, less of what's not working. Don't just forge ahead blindly. Evaluate the results of each effort.
3. Keep doing it:
Don't give up to early. Not everything you try will work. If you try one thing, then a second, then a third, and they all fail, do you give up? No. You try something else. Eventually one thing works OK. Another works better. And before you know it, you're well on the road to turning your situation around.

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In response to Raven62

I Agree! 

That is excellent advice!

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