powerball draws being computerized


will powerball eventually be computerized in the next couple years?


with hot lotto just being computerized you have to wonder.i think now that almost all MUSL games are RNG except powerball.


jadelottery has a good point about this in his blog.

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I hope not.Its hard enough to win now,if its computerized I wouldn't trust it.Powerball wants to have larger jackpots to make the game more exciting.With computerization they could manipulate the outcome so that nobody wins and they would get those larger jackpots.I think it would ruin the game.

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I voted Not Sure only because I didn't want to vote no, Powerball will stick with ball draws and jinx it!

Indiana lottery... 

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if powerball ever goes computerized they could manipulate it until it hit a 500 million dollar half billion jackpot.better yet if the game went computerized PLUS they raise the matrix even just one more time you could be looking at the first BILLION dollar jackpot.THEN mega millions is not going to let powerball get away with these insane jackpots.if powerball gets computerized it is a absolute given that mega millions will go RNG too.


unfortunately everything i said above might come to pass.remember how everyone back in the 90's use to say there would never be 200 million dollar jackpots?  or in the 80's they use to say there would never be high double digit jackpots?  well they both came to pass by raising the matrix.too bad that to get it over the half billion dollar hump they might resort to the last resort....RNG.see they know sooner or later people quit playing unless they see bigger and bigger jackpots.even the 250 million or 300 million ain't what it used to be.another tinkering with the formula is due in late 2008 if they change according to the average time they usually take to shuffle things.lets just hope that late '08 change is strictly matrix and not the dreaded computerized notion.

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Don't count on powerball ever going computerized.

31 states in the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) would have to agree to this and then each state might have to have it put on a ballot. 

I am pretty sure Todd explained it in another post about why it would never happen.


i hope not.they(MUSL) already pulled the wool over everyones eyes when they secretly slipped the RNG to hot lotto.jimmysand9 was the first one to catch it was very low key the way they did it.just like when tennessee went was buried obscurely in a certain phrase where only a die hard lottery player would catch it on the website.

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At the risk of sounding stupid,what does RNG stand for?

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Powerball computerized? Now that is a scare

For if that happens LOTTOMIKE will despair

Mike fights for balls and wants to see

The destruction off the RNG

Will it happen many might say?

But Lottomike will save the day

His posts are the proof that reign the truth

Please listen when he says RNG is a spoof

We knew along that the games are not fair

Cause RNG spells nothing but depair

I thank you Mike for the effort you've made

When RNG's go we will all get paid


Keep up the great work Mike



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Switching a multi state system that has been profitable from balls to computerized could cost all participating states millions of dollars. Seeing how this has happened with a few states already, why would they touch that cash cow ?!?

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RNG=Random Number Generator

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RNG means random number generator. When used here you can generelly assume it means a computer based RNG. If you aren't yet familiar with the  problems (both real and alledged) of computer based RNG's being used for lottery drawings you can either go back a page or two in the forums (the news forum has a fairly recent one about Tennessee), or just wait patiently until somebody starts again. This thread could easily be there in the very near future.

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