Yule Tide and the Hoosier Losery

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Twas the nite before the drawing and all through the State

Not a winner was found,  not even a rebate

The tickets were hung by the chimney with care

In hopes that Mike and Jeff would soon be there

The citizens were  all nestled next to the tube

Maybe we will win, or maybe need lube

Me in my rags and mike in his cap

Had just settled in to hear the RNG tap

When out on the tv their arose such a clatter

Tell me Mike "what is the matter?"

I couldnt believe the twinkle in his eye

The Hoosier Lottery had just passed us by

Our tickets were losers and no one did win

But the commercials keep saying that they are our friend

As the Tv signs off and we lose again

Merry Bankruptcy to all, cause the Lottery's your friend


A tribute to Lotto Mike, Jim 695, and yes Losing Jeff







I try in vain to win a dime

but end up losing every time

Lottomike can now clearly see

why us hoosiers are unhappy

The RNG was built for scams

Me and Mike are big ole hams

A fair lottery is our goal

But Indy and Tenn have made us ho's

The take every

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If they ever switch batch to real ball drawings, you can look back one day and say, "Remember when we were driven to write songs about those computer drawings?" Smile

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That rhyme is right on time.


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