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Here are states that  quads fell in the months of Oct,Nov, and Dec. in the last three years

Michigan: Dec 29 2004 =5555

Michigan:  Nov 14 2005=3333

Michigan:Dec 4 2006=7777

Connecticut: Oct 4 2005 =4444

Connecticut: Dec 22 2005 =8888

Pannsylvania:Oct 25 2004=4444

Pennsylvania:Oct 26 2004=5555

Tri-State:Dec 8 2004=9999

Oregon:Nov 2 2005=5555

Georgia:Nov 11 2005=7777

New Jersey:Nov 23 2006=1111

Florida:Dec 12 2006=2222


Quad 5's'-7's-4's seem to be popular during this  period

gacash3's avatar - side smile_b.jpg needs watching....



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In response to gacash3

Quads that have never fell in Georgia 1111 4444 9999 !! these 3 are the most played!! in georgia !!

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Notice only the quad 6's and 0' are missing from this equation ;might want to give them a second look

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Connecticut Mid 1111,could be starting to fall

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1st Connecticut now Florida.Whos next?

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Congratulations to Florida and to all who played those ones.


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OMG.. 1111 in FL ..just checked it out ... the elusive quad shows its face finally ..wish i played it

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wtg to the winners

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Some state is going to get one! Hope its 0000 in Ga!


Ms. Pat

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In response to Ms. Pat

Yes Nod


2-4 in.snow here already,rain coming.i don't expect any quads in tri states,the need our money to give employees bonuses,but maybe i'm wrong.

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