State lottery discovered corrupt!

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We all know Knoweledge is POWER! Your $2 Goodwill store purchase today turns out to be your own state Lottery Directors lost laptop, you could only imagine the day he lost that baby!! And feverishly trying to find it!! His disturbing personal notes reveal that your own state lottery is secretly rigged? Fixed! Right down to the last detail! And How its rigged? How the winners are related in some secret fashion to one another. And the people he's involved! This is a laptop that NEVER should have been lost but it was! His personal notes or confessions show How the whole damn thing is one big secret lie to steal the publics money! What would you do?


After crying myself to sleep to deal with the depression that my state's lotto would soon be gone, I would wake up post it everywhere, contact newspapers/tv stations, and buy one last ticket. What the heck must be my lucky day, I got a laptop for 2 bucks!

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I think everyone knows how I voted! Big Grin

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I wish I could select more than one answer.

1. Notify the public.

2. Stop playing.

3. Things I can't mention here... Red Eyes.

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I checked "Can't beat him join him!" at first, but I know I'd really turn it over to a local news station.  Of course, you've got to be careful since you don't want to turn on your set the next week and hear "local reporter wins $50 million by guessing 6 numbers!" 

As much as I know in my heart that using information from illegal activities is fraud would be unethical, immoral and illegal, it certainly would be nice to win just one small jackpot before turning in the "evidence."

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I voted Notify the public.

I didn't vote turn it over to the sherrif because we don't know if the sherrif is part of it or not (on the take, hush money).

If it ever happened, there would be a percentage of peole saying, "I don't believe it", and a percentage of people saying, "I told you so."

And there would still be a great percentage of people playing - look at the Indiana lottery selling scratchers for prizes that weren't there- scratcher sales should have dried up, but they didn't.  

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It is not like people would believe it, it would just make trouble for me to say anything about it, I would not say anything, people like to play and lose their money, let them have their fun and let the state make their money, they both need it, besides the state would deny any and everything and they would also change things after losing the Pc so any info there would be no good.

A $2 working Pc is not bad, Why make any more trouble than I already make? 

There would not be any info there that would help me or anybody else with winning the lottery games, not at all and or not for long anyway.

Have a good laugh, forget about it and put some lottery programs in the Pc.

Fixed or not, you can still win on the daily games sometimes. 

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"Fixed or not, you can still win on the daily games sometimes. Fixed or not, you can still win on the daily games sometimes."

Just like the NFL and NBA!  

If you get lucky and make the same picks the "Wise Guys" did, you make a few bucks! 

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Once you realize the Laptop is Lost/Stolen turn it in to the proper authorities.

Why do folks ask these moral/ethical questions and then try to dress it up so it looks like it has something to do with playing the Lottery?

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In response to Raven62

When I first seen the topic subject I thought it was about the Hoosier Lottery.

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Post it here of course....

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I would keep it secret until I had my first jackpot win, then I would make it public.

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In response to Guru101

Do you think it would be a good idea to commit fraud and then hold a press conference about it?

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In response to KY Floyd

the  answer  to   your  question  = NO  luck  is  not  that  well  ...could  go  to  jail  down  the  road..

what  information   was  in  the  LAP-TOP??????  we  all  know  its   the   balls  and  drawing  officals  just  how  they  do  it  concerns  me;

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