help with this dream plz


i dream a husband and wife was arguing then they seperate then he went to her and beg her back telling her sweet words. she forgive him and said she loved him. a car pulled up a white man  hop out branishing a silver hand gun. he said to the husband do u remember  me. the husband said not infront of my wife and child.. the husband dash for the gun a it went of everything went black. then i notice  the wife pick up the gun an fire at the white man . i heard one shot  went off. we was on a sandy serface.

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argue  511  352  061  8980

beg  025  737  7824

gun  718  871  217  2536

car  414  906  155  9454

white man  678

man  850  092  481  7815

wife  172  072  2486

shot  049  366  0579

sand  428  683  410  1663

good luck!

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ILL mid  10/5  052....hope you caught it albegone!

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NY eve  10/5  401, # for sand......wtg, al! hoep you caught it!

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Ga midday 409

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I know for sure gun 375 and car is 321 try it better luck next time.

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Ohio evening 151

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i think that it should be for all them this number 107 with your dream. i play it for my nephew birthday today thats why i picked it because i  will hit it today so i can give him his money and also save some for later too.  g0ood luck too. love2005.

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HI GUN IS 45-AND 38.

PLAY 405-035-385

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white man -671-

38  is gun and 45

am sorry  i was rushing this morning .i could not take my time .the 423 came in red hot  and  the 678

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see told ya 405 came in red hot.hope you got it

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thats  a good dream buddy.hope you catck something

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i wasnt playing i was workin late night shift. hope some one got  somthing  from that dream. but i will try to play to nite

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