I love the Hoosier Lootery

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Whenever I need money I know what to do

Go to the store and buy some brew

I buy a ticket and then I think

Oh my God, these tickets sure stink

I will purchase 200,000 in a 6 year time

And since then I have won a dime

There is no way to win in Indy

Although Im a boy they should call me Cindy

They break all the records and somehow beat the odds

As a matter fact, I think they are Gods

How so many play and can never win

Well does it matter cause gamblings a sin

Well lottomike can confirm the facts

We are all losers and they're breaking our backs

I wish it was random, but that wouldnt be fair

Until that time a wig can replace my hair

Well Tennessee now sees what we have gone through

It really smells like a bunch of poo poo

As I change my diaper and I start to cry

Happy lottery to all, and to all a good bye!

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In response to LosingJeff

Oh, by the way, my new avatar is an indicator of how much money I have won here playing the lottery. Not bad for 150 grand!

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In 6 years how much $ did you spend on brew? Another $200,000? Wink

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Hey there LosingJeff

On the reent TLC program about "How the lottery changed my life" they mentioned that more Powerball jackpots had been won in Indiana than any other PB state. 

Go figure!

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In response to Coin Toss

They had some help from out of state, much of it from Ohio.  The lucky thirteen from Columbus and the retired auto worker from Dayton just to mention a couple.

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When I see official Hoosier Lottery documentation, some of which must contain all sales figures, I'll look into it. Otherwise, I'm just a guy playing the lottery.

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In response to RJOh

Absolutely correct. I Agree!

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In response to RJOh

They probably had help from illiois, too (MM state bordering PB state), but just as in the thread about a non-lottery terminal Quick Pick not statistically being a Quick Pick, the same probably goes here.

All Powerball goes by for such stats if the location of the lottery retailer selling the winner, not the winner's home state if it's different.


I'm winning the Hoosier lotto!!!!!

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In response to SmoothJuice

Looks like you'll be sharing it with me then.Thumbs Up

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In response to Coin Toss

The retired auto worker from Dayton who won the $314M jackpot was featured on the PB winner page as have several other big winners in Indiana from Ohio.

In response to Guru101

Good luck to both of us, brother.

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In response to RJOh

Sure, I understand that- it's PR and stimulates sales form out of staters- but statistically it's an Indiana winner as far as Powerball statistics are concerned.& 

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