Someone Won the Megamillions

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I went to the Official Megamillions site and it's back at 12 Million. I guess my fiancee was right when he said the reason the machines cut off really early was because they decided to let someone win. I wonder who won and which state; perhaps someone in an unknown town again... I was at hoping at least it would roll over to $400 mil. Oh well, maybe next time.

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4 winners. One from Texas-but not me. I didn't get one number.

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Thanks for the info,

 Our quikpick ticket only had 11 and 40, but 11 wasn't in the MB slot.

 So unlike the powerball there were 4 winners this time. That means each person recieves 84,500,000 before taxes. Not sure what the final amount would be after taxes. I'm guessing the other three state winners are California, Ohio, and Georgia. Didn't win this time maybe next time. I only play when the MM gets huge like this. That's what makes it fun.

Did anyone who went to play around 10:30 p.m last night machine cut off at least 10-15 min early before the official cut off time? That happened to me when I went to play last night.

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One winner from Texas, One winner from Virginia, One winner from New Jersey, and one winner from Maryland.  

So had the MM broke the last record, this would've been New Jersey's second time having someone win a record-breaking Jackpot.

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