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POLL 3 of 3: Switching to mechanical ball drawings

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Assuming your state uses computerized drawings currently, would your spending habits change if your state changed to mechanical ball drawings?

Please indicate what effect the change from computerized drawings to ball drawings would have by choosing one of the three poll choices above.

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POLL 3 of 3: Switching to mechanical ball drawings
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switchin' to the computer drws, has changed the way i play, thought MO was unfair already and because i guess i'm more of a ball drw type and computers r so amazin' i think that they can be made to do N E thing.

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about time u think?

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In response to ducksafloat

Yes Nod

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I would spend the same.


  If Indiana's legislature suffered an attack collective integrity and ordered the Hoosier Lottery to revert to real lottery drawings, I would begin playing again, provided the drawings were broadcast on live television across the ENTIRE state. If they failed to take this step, I would continue to avoid their games.


i would spend more.i don't play lotto 5 anymore and i cut back on my cash 4 tickets since tennessee made their 'mistake'.


i want what missouri and pennsylvania have,as they hit 5-0 most of the draws!


No change is my vote. I usually buy more when it reaches sudden death.

In response to Just6ntlc

What, pray tell, is sudden death in the lottery ?

In response to DoubleDown

LOL, doubledown i think he meant his brain.

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Rocket 455

Actually when a lottery payoff hits a certain amount hordes of people flock to the register to buy their chance. It never ceases to amaze me. As if a million dollars is just not enough to wage a dollar on. lol... The sudden death dude is speaking of is that moment when everyone and their brother is buying up tickets, insuring a win for somebody. That's just my take. I'm often wrong.

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L J1

I voted to spend more.  In my opinion, the fact is that mechanical is constent, unless the balls and or machine are in perfect condition in operation, everything will do it's job. People will win more, and systems will work too. 


Computerized!!.... hmmmm..... just like Algebra... many variables, depending on what team of programming wizards are behind the curtain. People will win less, past systems will work less (maybe, that's a big if)  and I agree with a former post from Jim,  ("the states don't care"). What type of drawing device is used. Just as long as it's generating more money for the state. Of course, there will be winners, but i think..... less winners as before the switch.

Some say I won't play, but truly... after the storm blows over and people have no choice, they'll play, they'll play something! Only someone or a team of someone's that are creative in the development of a system that keeps up with the state's lottery computer will have better chances for players to win more.

Again, it's only my opinion

In response to Just6ntlc

I don't like to play any game that is computerized.PukeSmash

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