UFO''S and giant jackpots


hmm  why is it always Ohio and Indiana have giant jackpot winners  more UFO sightings there?

Conehead---------------------Conehead---------------------Conehead--------------I Agree!

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It's early morning and I have too much time on my hands latlyWink

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John Titor, time traveler from 2036, keeps coming back - He tells people what numbers have hit, before they hit of course, and there you go!


I hope there is a MM jackpot winner this Friday.

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8/31/07 will produce a JACKPOT$$$$$$$

all lottery states who want to go to "RNG"

will see to this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

BALL's are BAND!!

so get your ticket's NOW and forget about the "PAST".................

L@@K forward to a computer in a dark ROOM ................

& your LITTLE BABY comming from a "LONG BLACK TUDE"!!!!!!!!

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he needs to give me some winning powerball or megamillions numbers

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