It Is very very Easy To Win!!


Yes it is very easy to win, but the problem is 99% of lottery players have an unconcious desire to lose and yes they lose.


People want to live in poverty, regardless of what thy say, etc.


For those that want money and win, they do win large sums. It all starts and end in the mind.

Ok you wanna win? Very simple.


Every Nite before you fall asleep visualize you won what ever particular lottery you want. Do this before you fall asleep, and when you first wake up in the morning.

Keep affirming during the day when negativity takes hold.


You honestly do the above for one month, you will win.


But Here is The Problem-out of the hundreds and thousands of People who read this post none will practice the visualization. And if they start out, lose interest in one week and no longer do it.


Life is so simple, and fun!! you can have anything you want. But You Have To Convince Your Self First. And this is the hard part. 



Of course as you practice the visualization, buy one or two tickets a week.

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we have a Mystical forum for topics like this


with that said, coming outside that forum is asking for a good old hanging



what if everyone did this Visualize thing

, got some news for you its bs or it be won by everyone who did it, 

am sure out of the billions of humans,  and over all the years humans been alive

we just didnt' notice we have the  power to overcome the odds of

1 in 175,711,536 with our minds,

 or anything for that matter



stop bsing people,


you go win the lotto with your own advice ,

then start  saying anything you like about how to win it atferwards.


p.s.  1 in 175,711,536 odds  dont give way to "Visualize" 

with more and more people like you putting that s**t on the web, your going to dig humans in a gaint helpless hole of carp , 


the fact is there millions of players, and telling the other players

"o thats simple to win, jsut visualize,"

its like bush saying , we win iraq in 1 day

the odds always have and always will be stacked againt you and mr bush thinking


whats even more crazy is how you stack to your own thinking when it FAILS!

just keep your stand on the matter like bush troops will work or keep trying visualizeing is such rubbish advice its a matter to be pointed out and then the guy who deared say it gets hes ass kicked verbally for being a dumbass



the day a powerball or mega millions winner cliams the rubbish advice of  visualizeing wins the lotto and he can do it agian and again, and then proves it in action time and time again is WHEN PIGS FLY



, and its with the odds that people win

atfer so many draws the number of tickets sells reach up to the odds, and there HAS TO BE A WINNER

not your carp that wins it.


Hi RedToad,

Thanks for your interesting perspective.  I would like to see your predictions and winnings.  If you have empirical evidence that visualization works in winning lottery games, I'm sure many would be interested in seeing it.  If your statements are based on your belief, but your aspirations have not been realized, that is another matter.  Then you are merely presenting your belief, unsupported by facts, and seemingly denigrating others who do not hold your belief.

Looking forward to seeing the evidence.



Here we go again....LOL

Bang Head

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In response to RedToad

Let me start out by saying, RedToad, I commend you for trying to help those that want to be helped. Positive is always the answer because your mind controls everything you do, whether people believe it or not.

Secondly, I can witness to exactly what you are saying, my 10 year old did this twice in the last 30 days and racked up $580 for his school shopping.Smash

It can be done, so don't knock it until you try it.

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The positive thinking thing is a nice thought, but would be far more credible coming from anyone who has done it and hit a jackpot than from someone telling other people how to hit a jackpot.

RedToad, have you done this for 30 days? If so, did you hit?

Until you do hit, the advice in the OP is just another "Once upon a time" theory, i.e., a fairy tale.

Don't forget, there are people who have visualized the very thing you're talking about for years. They haven't hit.  I don' know what self-help book you're reading but I'll guess it's not the most credible one out there.

 As joshuacloak said, "p.s.  1 in 175,711,536 odds dont give way to "Visualize" :


Hurray!well hi my name is boybeach61, take a look at what i post and you will see just how to win every day, i have had a good year so far, all i post is 10# and yes i win, so go and see for your self ok

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Is it necessary to post in a font so large that I can read it from across the room?

In response to NBey6

Thank you NBey6 !!

I know it can be done, and most jackpot winners have done it.

But as you can see by the majority of posts on this thread, how negative and depreciating people are in their thinking. I pity them.

I have posted nothing new, this scientific fact is well known through out the World. The priniciple is well known and many have tried to teach others the principle.

Authors like Joseph Murphy,  whose book "Your  Infinite  Power To be  Rich" can be found in most  Public Libraries, have done a good job in showing how it is done, and the results of those that practice the visualizations.

In response to joshuacloak

There is nothing Mystical about the Principle, it is a scientific fact that produces results.


And yes I hae used the Principle many times with results!! 

In response to RedToad

I know it can be done, and most jackpot winners have done it.

Most? If you're deciding that based on what people say after the won, then of course people will say...."WOW ! I knew it, it was positivie thinking, or my prayers were answered".


this scientific fact is well known through out the World.

What? There is absolutely nothing scientifically factual about it whatsoever. Where do you get this info from? Are you telling me that they interviewed every single JP lottery player in hopes of winning large amounts of money, and then found out which ones out of those people were focusing on visualization, and If they did win, say AH! here's the proof? Because that's the only way they could EVER prove it worked, not here say AFTER a win.

Are you aware of how many people on this planet focus on something in a positive way just for it to never materialize?

Are you going to tell me they all did it the wrong way? Or not long enough? Or some other reason why their way didn't work?

I'm not saying that there is anything wrong in being positive in general, but to claim that people won JPs because of it is rediculous to me.




To answer your question, if every one on this Earth practices the Principle, we will have a new World where Poverty is a thing of the past. 



In response to pacattack05

I pity you pacattack05 !


Let me ask you a question are you Happy?

Are you Rich?

Are you living Comfortably? 


If not, I suggest you read the book "Your Infinite Power To be Rich" by Joseph Murphy.

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It Is very very Easy To Win!!

The easy part was writing that title, now proving it by actually winning is the hard part.

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In response to RJOh

Not hard at all, If You Honestly Practice The Principle ! No Pity!


I challange you To Do It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



HOOOORAY!  Let's have a pity party for Pac.....YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


I'm guessing you're young and haven't had a dose of reality yet. It'll be ok....when you wake up one day and realize life aint that easy my friend.

Just take a look around you.

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In response to RedToad

You're doing the preaching, challenge yourself if you really believe.



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Red Toad

"Authors like Joseph Murphy,  whose book "Your  Infinite  Power To be  Rich" can be found in most  Public Libraries, have done a good job in showing how it is done, and the results of those that practice the visualizations."

almost every single one of those authors- from Joseph Murphy to the latest "Secret" book and knockoffs thereof, have copied and rewritten James Allen's classic, As A Man Thinketh, and Robert Collier's writing.

On top of that, those authors also know that all too often the real $$$$ is in writing and selling the self helf books, and not the tehniques they are advising everyone about.  

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almost every single one of those authors- from Joseph Murphy to the latest "Secret" book and knockoffs thereof, have copied and rewritten James Allen's classic, As A Man Thinketh, and Robert Collier's writing.

The old adage As A Man Thinketh was a misquote from the Bible, so James Allen's classic was nothing new either and he re-wrote someone else's work as well.

“As a man thinketh, so is he,” and “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” are misquotes of Proverbs 23:7.

The verse actually reads:

Proverbs 23:7


For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

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In response to Coin Toss

Here Here!

Many of the members here have tried these techniques and most of them are still struggling in life.  Is it a failure on all of their parts to do the technique properly?

This approach is as old as the proverbial hills.  The books are a dime a dozen.  If it was so effective there would be no poverty or war on the planet. 

But with that being said, I think it is foolish to play the lottery if you don't have positive expectations and hopes. 

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In response to Rick G

I Agree!

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Very true about the Bible....there's a lot of sayings from the Bible in everyday language that people aren't aware of.

Rick G, goos points, realism always helps.  

Red Toad...

Try your book searches look for a book called The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovill Shinn. See how familiar it sounds. The publication date on that one is 1925.

I leave you with this thought to consider:


In response to Rick G

But with that being said, I think it is foolish to play the lottery if you don't have positive expectations and hopes

To me, that's a given, but to make a claim that jackpot hopefulls around the world have been specifically using this to win is absurd.

Most people just buy QPs or use birthday numbers or systems and hope for the best. They don't sit in some quiet room

Voila ! ! !

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In response to Coin Toss


Boy is that a good one! 

In response to jarasan

You sound like you're sitting on the fence. Whatever the wind blows. Make up your mind.

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In response to pacattack05

Pac  it's not meditation - it's a way of thinking - it's a way of life.

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I have to agree that positive thinking and enthusiam go a long way.  However, I also believe that what we think and pray for won't affect the outcome of a lottery drawing.  The reason for this belief has been expressed on other threads by members like Coin Toss regarding the Power Of Attraction. After all, if we all could "wish" our numbers, then too many people would hit the jackpot and we'd end up with a few bucks (like in Bruce Almighty) but we are meant to be happy.  So feeling happy and upbeat might change your life and give hope to others, but it won't necessarily help you win millions of dollars.  Just my opinion. 

Speaking of visualization, we need to use that on a realistic level.  Miracles are possible.  I know people who went through hypnosis, biofeedback or other forms of therapy who recovered from life-threatening illnesses.  If you ever read the books by Bernie Segal, who started ECP, people are capable of shrinking malignant tumors with their minds.  So, does that mean happy people don't get sick or die?  Of course not.  But one's thought process definitely has an influence on external and internal forces.  Again, I believe in wishing for things that are realistic, and we all want to win the lottery.  I put that on the same level as closing my eyes and picturing a 35 year old woman with a toned body and all 32 teeth in perfect health.  It ain't gonna happen!  However, if I just picture me the way I am but happy and healthy, it makes more sense.  I guess what I am trying to say is we need to focus on what we need rather than going a little overboard.

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Win the lottery first RedToad.

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