Pb+Mm=416 Mill


 I was lucky enough to pass threw states that had both these games this week  for 2$ I get a chance at $416 million  not bad for 2$  hope my luck holds Lurking

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Good luck to you.  If your luck holds, you may travel those states again when the two jackpots are even higher.

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which states did you purchase them in?

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that would be an amazing story to win both jackpots and you only spent $2 to win it. just winning one jackpot is lucky enough but to win both even if you spent a grand to win them is still going to be one of the biggest lottery stories ever. i have spent more than that and my states are georgia for the megamillions tonight and kentucky and tennessee for the powerball wednesday.

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lol never thought about that  i figure 2nd prize is the goal  imaging 2 jacks- holy toledo batman- just when you rise from the flooor from hittin the first one the second one will do ya inRazz

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Does anyone know what the highest combined jackpot has ever been?  I think it has been higher than what it is now but I don't remember.


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this is a great question brad i know that powerball was $365million back on february 18,2006 and the megamillions was $175 million for the february 21,2006 drawing so that is the highest one i found but if anybody else found a higher combined one let me know. i guess $540 million combined if my math is right    Banana

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