POLL: Low profile or flaunt it?

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How would you behave after hitting a decent sized jackpot? When it came to cars, houses, etc...

Would the whole world know you had won, or would you be so low profile that if someone close to you told someone else you had won would they just be laughed at? 

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This is a individual poll?? Me, I would be low profile but my wife would want to flaunt it.

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I don't think I would want anyone to know right off due to saftey reason !!


As low profile as possible.

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I could care less about people knowing I won the lottery. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to go around yelling "I won the lottery! I won the lottery!" either. If they find out, they find out, if they don't, they don't.

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I would move to a neighborhood where everyone had a nice home, nice cars and money in the bank and no one was concern about their neighbors money.  If I won a lottery jackpot I have every intentions of enjoying the life style that can be afforded with that kind of money and not hiding in some neighborhood where I would be afraid the neighbors were going to ask for a loan or rob me. 

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I would keep the same profile I have now.  Just with more security.


"Fortunes are won... .and lost..."

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i voted i would be in between because i would want to enjoy my money but also not make myself an easy target for scam artists or other criminals

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I Agree!

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Me, too.


In between, for me,would be the wisest path.  But I love to read stories about lottery winners who are either flaunting or flunking their opportunities--as long as it doesn't precipitate a tragedy (Like Jack Whittaker and others).


It's hard to hide behind the scene considering you have to appear in front of the press, telling the whole world you won, and now that a flood gate has

And that's another good idea for a poll.

What's the difference between winners, and rich neighborhoods filled with millionaires. How is it, that the millionaires who worked for their money, are less susceptible to beggars?


I chose somewhere in between as I wouldn't be physically telling everyone or bragging, of course I think people would figure it out on their own once they see me driving all my exotic sports cars up to my brand new mansion Big Smile

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Guru 101

"Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to go around yelling "I won the lottery! I won the lottery!" either. If they find out, they find out,  "

Going back to the thread about cars, aren't some of those choices in what car a person would get if they hit a jackpot doing exactly that, saying, "Look! Look! I won the lotto!?


"Old money" considers lottery winners and "yuppies" who make a huge score in the stock market and such as the "Nouveau riche" (new money). They also see the nouveau riche as coming upon their wealth intantly or at least relatively quickly, and not having earned it or being born into it. Because of that, the "old money" sees the nouveau riche as not being able to handle it. 

There's a book called The Millionaire Next Door about all this, and it's fascinating. (We've discussed it before I think).

Consider once again the thread about what car would you buy with a jackpot. Most of those choices are defintiley "nouveau riche".  

The average millionaire next door owns a two year old American car.  

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for days and days after consulting with legal and financial counsel.  Then all would probably ask why I was so upbeat lately, then I would tell and share with the significant few family and friends that observed the change.  Tell emilygHyper thanks  for opening my world up to lottery systems, say hello to other favorite posters at LP and probably arrange to send them a reason to for days too!



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In response to Coin Toss

No. Me purchasing those cars would not be flaunting that I won the lottery. I should not have to keep myself from enjoying things that I've always wanted to enjoy, even though I know they are very expensive.

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Everyone in my family thinks that I won the jackpot is my vote.

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In response to Coin Toss

Definitely low profile.  As in "become a hermit".

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In response to DoubleDown



Maintain a low profile here for reasons mentioned many times before.  Since my car is only 3 years old and doesn't have alot of miles on it, I'd keep it for a while but when it's time to replace it, I'd get something nicer, but not the likes of say Mercedes or Lexus.

As for my home, I'd probably stay here for a while and just fix the things that need fixing.  If I did start having problems with scammers, beggars, relatives, etc., I'd move somewhere else, preferably out of state to a place where nobody would look for me, and perhaps follow some of the advice offered in books on privacy like this one:

I just want to do my thing and mind my own business, without anyone on my back.

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I chose somewhere in between. There are those that "would know" and those that I would actually flaunt it to. Why? because what is the point of winning if you can not make all of your dreams come true? It's not like you would own the world or anything,come on ! Almost every actor/actress in a major movie makes more every year than you would net with an average lottery win. It's a lot of money, but it doesn't merit celebrity status., Do they hide in a corner of the world and pretend they have nothing? No. And they make way more than we would win. Look at Oprah. She earns over 200 million a year. (A YEAR!) I think we could learn alot from the actors/actresses and folks like Oprah.

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I would live well, but I definitely wouldn't tell anyone I won the lottery.  I'm not the "flaunting" type anyway. 

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In response to Badger

I'm already practically a hermit, so I'd just continue my same habits.  Though Washington State does allow people to claim a jackpot in trust, they can still release the names of individuals named in the trust and require them to appear in a press conference.  If the jackpot was big enough, they probably would require the photo session.  In that case, I'd try to lie low until I got my money, then go get a facelift, breast lift and tummy tuck.  And then move to another town.  By then no one would recognize me from my picture!  LOL 

As to type of car I'd drive, my 15-year old vehicle needs replacing, so I'd buy a new one, but probably wouldn't pay over $30,000.  My new house would be nice but probably no more than $500,000.

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I'm low profile now, and I'll be low profile then.  That doesn't mean I'm cheap.  I like to travel first class, stay in first class hotels, eat in fine restaurants, not because I want to flaunt it, but because I like to be comfortable, less stressed and get better service.

I drive a well-maintained white luxury car and a well-maintained white van, not because I want to flaunt it but because of the same reasons, comfort, less stress, and I get better service from attendants. 

I wear more expensive clothes, but not the trendy and flashy ones.  I find they wear longer and I can wear them whether I'm in a business function or just casual atmosphere.  Same with shoes.  I wear the more expensive ones because they are more comfortable and last longer.  I do not wear outfits that have their brand names prominently displayed.  On the contrary, I avoid these outfits.

My house is not flashy either.  But it is in a well-maintained respectable neighborhood of people of similar pursuasion as me.

I do not think my habits will change just because I won the jackpot.

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It would be more important to me to have the bulk of the winnings working for me to yield interest that I could live off of without ever having to work for someone else.

The amount of bling would be directly proportional to the amount won after taxes. If the cash value doesn't allow for 40,000,000 to stay tucked away in a CDARS acct, then the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo must regrettably stay in the dealer's showroom.

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In response to hypersoniq

Okay....since I'm  new to LP and none of ya'll know me, I'm gonna tell the truth! I would go from one extreme to the other. Screaming in joy,  crying in joy....quaking with joy.

That would have been me before joining LP.

Now that I know better......with the help from all of you....I'd do what is most sensible.  Go ahead and do the research....better educate myself with other options so I wouldn't blow the money and end up in somebody's psychiatric ward.

I have spent $1 on a little green notebook and have entitled it: WHAT TO DO AFTER MY LOTTERY WIN

Winning the lottery and not being prepared would be like: Going grocery shopping without a list of needed items and on an empty stomach!


As far as the profile being either high or low......somewhere middle of the road. Go ahead and get the PR over and done with .......but definitely move.


I would flaunt it in some way as getting a nice, big house in the millions. As for cars, I wouldnt get anything too flashy. I wouldnt go around telling people I won the lottery though. The only people who will know will be my immediate family.


all in how much is won  2 mill heck flaunt it 200 mill you better hide it

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In response to deadbunny


Unless you're known in business or as an invesotr or something, you win a jackpot and go out and buy a house in the millions, haven't you in effect just told everyone you've won the lottery?

In response to Coin Toss

Coin Toss,

You are correct and people will start to wonder where I got the money to buy such nice, big house.  They can assume how I got it but I will not tell them that I hit the lottery or anything. For all they know it can be my mom's place or something.

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If it were the mega millions, then I am GONE! I'd probably end up leaving the country.

Now if it were the Multi-Match. I could probably B.S. my way out of it.

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